Thursday, November 01, 2007

Back to Back

About four years ago I had a lumbarectomy to correct a severe herniated disc. The doctor just removed the part of the disc on my lower back that was herniated (because the swelling was pressing against mycarotid artery...or was very painful regardless) Anyway, since then I've tried to be careful doing certain things so as not to re-injure my back, although pretty much anything I do causes my back to hurt. So, the other day I decided to clean my son's room...which was quite a chore! The boys share the room right now and you'll never meet a bigger set of slobs! I had to take the beds apart so I could clean under them....I won't even go into how disgustingly cluttered they were. Anyway, as I was lifting the boxspring I felt the muscles in my back stretch and crap! Luckily I didn't injure it as bad as before, but it was still sore enough to make me take a vicodin so I could sleep that night...and the next two nights after. I'm still sore, but I don't think I'll need surgery again. Anyway, now my daughter, who is the same age now that I was the first time I hurt my back, is complaining about her back hurting. Talk about weird. So, now I have to take her to the doctor next week so I can get a referral to a specialist because our insurance won't let us see specialists without a referral from our doctor. It's annoying...and part of the reason I haven't gotten around to getting my oldest daughter her specialists yet.

On a bright note, my youngest, who plays baseball started his first game as pitcher on Tuesday. Coach said when he told J he'd be starting pitcher that night, J just looked at reaction whatsoever. Most boys are usually excited or at least smile, say something....not J. I think he was secretly panicked because he's only been pitching a couple of years and usually one or two innings in a game. I don't think he wanted coach to know he was freaked. Anyway, he did a great job! Only gave up one hit in the first three innings, one run in the third inning. By the fourth inning he'd given up a few hits and thanks to several errors, gave up a few more runs. coach pulled him in the fourth with two outs and runners on because he wanted J to come out of the game ahead (meaning if the relief pitcher gave up runs and let the other team pull ahead, it wouldn't be J who lost his lead...ya know?) Anyway...we won anyway. J went two for four with a walk (and a double). He's become quite the ballplayer in his six and a half years of playing...we're very proud.


Lynn Sinclair said...

Congrats to J! Hope your daughter hasn't inherited that faulty back gene.

Anonymous said...

Uhmmm, where are you?

Ann said...

Sounds like your son is doing well. And hope your daughter's back is nothing serious - the whole business about taking time to plod into a GP just to get a referral to a specialist when you know that has to happen insane as everything else with the insurance mess. (Nothing against GPs, of course - that would be the hardest type of medicine to practice. But why make an extra trip and pay for it just to get a referral - makes no sense!)

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