Saturday, December 17, 2011

Contest Winners!!

I forgot to post this yesterday.
CONGRATULATIONS to the winners of my contest!!
Kelly Anderson is the winner of the Kindle basket (and I'll post a picture of it soon)
Tammy Ramey is the winner of the Visa Gift card!!
Thank you both, ladies!!
I'll be posting another contest, stayed tuned. =)

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

Okay....that title is a little misleading because, although the neighborhoods are lit up with beautiful Christmas displays, it's hard to get into the spirit of the holidays when it's 80 degrees outside. Don't get me wrong, I love, love, love the nice weather we have in Arizona this time of year...but I need just one day of freezing to get me into the holiday mood. I know I'll get there by the time Christmas arrives, even by the time I start my, I haven't started shopping yet. My husband and I usually don't shop until the week of Christmas...mainly because of how the paychecks fall, but also because, it's easier to have to store large gifts for a few days as opposed to all month. Even though the kids are older we still don't set out gifts until after they go to bed on Christmas Eve. Anyway, waiting for the last minute to shop really isn't that bad because we get it all done in one day and that's because we have a list already made up of what we're getting and for whom.

Which reminds me, if you're having trouble thinking of a gift or maybe need something last minute, I have just the thing for you. From now until December 15th, I’m having a contest to help promote my novel Forget Me Not. To enter the contest you just have to email me the answer to this question:
In my novel Forget Me Not, Casey is on the phone with her sister-in-law. With Scott on the extension, Casey says something in Spanish to Jennifer. What does she say?
Again, email me the answer at TerriMo2 @ (remove the spaces) to be placed into the drawing to win one of two gift baskets. Basket one will contain a Kindle along with some chocolate and yummy home-baked snacks. Basket two will contain a $25 VISA gift card, a mouse pad, chocolate, and some yummy home-baked snacks. ;-)
The drawing will be held December 15 and the basket mailed out no later than December 18, just in time for Christmas!! So, get your answers in soon! And come back each week for another question. Also, for every 25 entries received, I'll throw in another $25 gift card. So tell your friends and family members to grab their copy and find the answer and get their entry in. (Please don't give the answer away to friends/family. Let them find the answer on their own.) =)
So, tell me, are you a last minute shopper or do you get it all done early?
Thank you all for your support!!

Sunday, November 06, 2011

Happy First Weekend in November!

I can’t believe the year is almost over! I’m not complaining too much though because I love this time of the year…the weather is cooler, the holidays are just around the corner and much baking will ensue in my kitchen, which means the whole house is going to smell Heavenly!
Speaking of the holidays, if you’re in need of a last minute gift or maybe just want a gift for yourself, I have just want you need. From now until December 15th, I’m having a contest to help promote my novel Forget Me Not. To enter the contest you just have to email me the answer to this question:
In my novel Forget Me Not, Casey is on the phone with her sister-in-law. With Scott on the extension, Casey says something in Spanish to Jennifer. What does she say?
Again, email me the answer at TerriMo2 @ (remove the spaces) to be placed into the drawing to win one of two gift baskets. Basket one will contain a Kindle along with some chocolate and yummy home-baked snacks. Basket two will contain a $25 VISA gift card, a mouse pad, chocolate, and some yummy home-baked snacks. ;-)
The drawing will be held December 15 and the basket mailed out no later than December 18, just in time for Christmas!! So, get your answers in soon! And come back each week for another question. Also, for every 25 entries received, I'll throw in another $25 gift card. So tell your friends and family members to grab their copy and find the answer and get their entry in. (Please don't give the answer away to friends/family. Let them find the answer on their own.) =)

Thank you all for your support!!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

All You Need is Love

I LOVE books! Which is part of why I’m a writer, because I can put my crazy stories down on paper and share them with whomever wants to enjoy them. I’ve been reading since first grade-- when I started learning how to read and I devoured whatever books I could get at the school library. During the summer I’d sign up for the summer reading program at the local library. My mother was an avid reader too, which is probably where I caught the bug, and she was a big Barbara Cartland fan. I never tried to sneak her books because I was a child at the time, and in my teenage years when I moved into the more “adult” books, I went for Mary Higgins Clark and John Saul (now my tastes vary).

When I decided to become an author I didn’t think about writing romance. Not that I didn’t enjoy them, I had become a big fan of Nora Roberts and Jayne Ann Krentz, but I just couldn’t see me knowing how to make people fall in love. But, as I wrote and the story progressed, so did the relationship between the characters. Before I realized it, I’d not only written the suspense I was going for, but I’d also written a romance.

Over the years I’ve learned not to dictate what or how my characters feel, because they tend to know better than I do. I might argue with them from time to time, because I’m just stubborn that way, but I don’t get in their way or try to stop them from falling in love, because it’s a natural progression between them. And if it doesn’t progress, then time to add a character who will be the love interest.
My recent release, Forget Me Not, went on sale on October 7th. I wrote this book eight years ago and it’s been a true labor of love for me. Not only did I believe there was an audience for this book, but I refused to believe there wasn’t. (did that make sense?) I found an agent right away, which was validation that I was right. Of course the agent left the agency and it took me a year to find another one. That didn’t quite work out, even after we had editor interest….but that’s all a long story I won’t bother to bore you with. Suffice it to say, I refused to give up on this book. I’m a perfectionist and when I do something I plan to do it right or die trying…(to quote Jack Reacher..hah). So, eight years and countless revisions later, my book sold to Decadent Publishing in electronic format. I can’t be more proud of this book and, although I’m not a well-known author, I’m confident this book will find it’s audience.

If you’re a fan of Catherine Coulter or Nora Roberts, and you’re looking for a great book to curl up with, this book is for you. But, don’t just take my word for it. Listen to NYT Bestselling author Michele Martinez, who said:
The romance is hot and the suspense high in Forget Me Not. Terri Molina has crafted characters you’ll care about from the very first page and a plot that will keep you guessing till the last. Don’t miss this delicious read.

You can find the book here and here

Friday, August 26, 2011

Time For Me to Fly

Figurative speaking that is.

On October 7, 2011 my novel Forget Me Not will officially hit the virtual bookshelf! I'm very excited....and have this book out there for everyone to read. This book and I have gone through a lot together in the past eight years! Two agents, almost an editor and at least forty rejections from more agents and editors. But I couldn't give up on it, I wouldn't give up on it. I knew I had a great story and I was determined to prove it to whomever I needed to prove it to.

Last May, after seeking advice from the wonderfully talented and awesome friend Lauren Baratz Logsted, I dove back into the story and started fixing the things she said needed to be fixed. I then joined a critique group in my local RWA chapter (Desert Rose, Yay!) and we each set a goal to complete our novels by October. My critique partners pointed out more issues with the story that I hadn't seen....and being that I'd been reading this book for eight years, it was easy to glaze over certain inconsistencies. In November, I decided to forgo messing with editors and agents and submitted the book to an online publisher. A couple of weeks later they contacted me and said, we want to publish this. I was beyond thrilled! And so very impressed with their staff. Not only did they give me a kickass cover
they also went to work editing the story and finding more issues I didn't see. The book is so much better and stronger than it was eight years ago and I couldn't be more proud.

Now, it's time to get started on promotion...which I really don't do well with. But, in the upcoming weeks I'll be posting contests and information about the book launch part on this blog and other social networks I frequent. So, stay tuned and learn how to win some prizes!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Summer Daze

Wow, I can't believe we're almost at the end of August. You know, when you're a kid time seems to go by so slow...but once you hit 20 it flashes by in a blur! I turned 49 over the summer...June 17, to be exact...just one last hurdle before the big Five-O. I don't really feel that old though and as I think back to my aunts and uncles who've passed away, I wonder...did they? Growing up they seemed so old and wise and old. But now that I'm as old, it just doesn't feel old anymore. Even with my kids getting older, I feel like they're just catching up to me.

Of course, getting up in the years also makes me think about the day when I won't be here anymore. Who will take care of my children, especially Amanda? I know they'll be older and probably have their own kids by the time I kick the bucket, but it makes me sad sometimes to know I won't be here for them anymore.
Okay...that got a bit maudlin.

Anyway, I'm kinda working on the staying healthy so I can be here a while thing, I started doing Weight Watchers this month. I'm actually on day 10 and I'm already 5 pounds down (and a helluva long way to go to reach my goal weight). I've done all kinds of diets over the last 30 years. Some successful, some, not so much. Mainly because, once you get off a diet all the weight comes back on twofold. But, I think I'll do well with Weight Watchers not just because of the points programs but because of the vast selection of recipes! Usually when I'm dieting I cook two separate meals, one for me and one for my kids and husband....but now, I'm doing one meal and everyone eats the same thing. I'm buying more fruits and vegetables and no more junk...except popcorn...which isn't quite junk because of the fiber...and the kids are eating a little better. I'm hoping to knock of a majority of my weight before April and the writer's conference my RWA chapter has. But my real ulterior motive is to get to a healthy weight so I can get off my blood pressure and cholesterol medications. So, wish me luck!

Friday, June 03, 2011

Summer's Here

I'm sorry I haven't kept up with this blog as I said (a bazillion times) I would. Things just get so crazy busy here. These past few months have been busy with getting ready for Becca to graduate (and prom.) She and my niece Sierra (who came to visit for the whole month) looked stunning in their gowns! Then we had lots of family come in for graduation...well not lots, but there were fifteen people in my house for five days! It was a blast!

Now that all the fun is over it's time to start the summer routine...which means nothing really. The kids are free to do as they please (within reason, of course). Three of the four have jobs so they'll be working all the time while the youngest, who turns 16 in August, will just be trying to stay in shape. At the end of June I'll be going to RWA's national conference in New York. As a graduation/18th birthday gift I'm taking Becca and Sierra and their friend Ciera. We'll be there a week but will only have four days to sightsee...which is plenty. When we get home we'll get to work on Becca's career choice....she wants to be an actress, so we'll work on finding her auditions and stuff. She auditioned for a local commercial the other day, we'll see how that went next week. I'll also try to get back to writing. My muse just hasn't been with me in a while.....or it has but it's been too lazy to kick my butt and make me write. Not that I'm a complete sloth...I do have a book coming out sometime this year (still waiting on the line-edits) and I'm now president of my RWA chapter, which will keep me hopping...but it's the writing I wish to get back to....if I could just get over the doubts and do it. blogs go, this was pretty boring. But, that's my life. hah

Hope you're summer plans are fun and exciting! Stay tuned for more info on my book. Oh, and here's the new cover

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Vaya con Dios, Jennifer

(Hit PLAY)

Tuesday morning my daughter learned a dear friend, she once considered a sister, took her own life. Why? No one can say. Jennifer was a beautiful young woman with so much to live for. Unfortunately, she didn't think so. It shatters my heart to think this young child felt ending her life was the only answer. That no one close to her even knew she carried such a darkness inside her. She was a special person and she will be deeply missed.
While online earlier, I found this article by Sarah York, a Unitarian Minister who specializes in grief counseling. Her words were comforting to me and I hope to you. I hope she doesn't mind my using her words.(I changed the names to Jennifer).
Early this week, Jennifer completed a decision. Where there is pain and confusion, despair and doubt, we long for the end to suffering. For some, life no longer has any choices but one. Life leaves scars that the suffering can not find the inner resources to heal. The inner pain was too great – pain that she had contained within herself for years, pain that often lashed out in anger, mostly at herself. Jenn chose to end the suffering for herself. The mind was exhausted, the heart frightened, and the end taken. The suffering does not end, however, for those who have loved and cared for her. Friends and family are left with feelings of shock, betrayal, anger, sadness, and – in time – compassion and forgiveness. Those who are left ask and continue to ask, “What could I have done? Why didn’t I see it?”
No one knows. And nothing will bring her back.
No one is responsible for Jenn’s choice but Jenns
and this
We come into this time with a range of emotions as deep and complex as the young woman we are remembering.
Here there is love – and the searing pain of separation.
Here there is anger – and the futile search to understand why Jennifer could not weather the despair that locked her alone into her self.
Here there are questions – why, mostly. Why?
Some of you come feeling bruised by this death and asking what you could have done to prevent it.
Jenn’s choice to die touches the despair that courts many of us in our own moments of loneliness and threatens the structures of meaning that affirm our own lives. Let us remember that no single act of desperation can define a life. No matter how stalked by pain, Jennifer’s life also had its moments of delight and happiness, caring and friendship, sharing and love. Death by choice is not a denial of life; it is the cry of despair for more life. It grows from a deep personal alienation or profound suffering and is carried out alone, after a struggle within the self.
When a death such as this cuts across life in its fullness, we are left with a certain incompleteness. We know that Jennifer leaves much unfinished, unfulfilled, unsaid. There are still other things you wanted to share with her, and she with you: Graduations, weddings, the birth of grandchildren; another walk on the lake at sunset with friends, another shopping spree, another video game. This sadness for the loss of this life, full and blossoming, mingles with the sadness for the loss of possibilities not realized.

It's so difficult to find words of comfort for the family and friends suffering through this tragedy, but Ms. York says them well.
Rest in Peace, Jenn.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Bitch and Rant Post. Be afraid. Be very afraid.

Okay...I'm not in a good mood, so I'm going to spew my venomous anger might want to just move along...although hardly anyone even reads my blog, so, whatever.

Anyway....what's got me so pissed off, you might ask? Contests! The RWA Golden Heart to be exact. What's the GH you ask? It's a contest for unpublished writers held by RWA....duuuhhh

Like an idiot, I entered...two of my novels....yeah, really stupid waste of money. But, I entered because I really thought I had a good chance of finaling...after all both books had been professionally edited and 'doctored', both have gotten rave reviews from my beta readers and both have had many requests by agents and editors, and one recently sold. But, when March 25 rolled around, I didn't get "the call". There was always a part of me that knew I wouldn't because for some reason when I enter a contest (which I very rarely do) I always end up with that one judge who just trashes my scores. (I haven't gotten my scores back yet for GH, but was told recently that neither novel's scores were very high.....which just pissed me off even more!!) It's like they have a personal vendetta against me or something. Maybe they're threatened...who knows? Or, maybe I just get the worst judges they can find...those newbie writers who judge the books based on the "rules" of writing...for instance...Assinine rule #1---the hero and heroine must meet in the first five pages (nope, doesn't happen in my books). Assinine rule # 2....the first male character shown in the book must be the hero (not always in my book). I'm sure there are more, but I can't think of them cuz I'm still annoyed. (I've downgraded from pissed so that's a good thing.) Ranting on a blog really helps....and kept me from replying to an earlier email with a comment so nasty it probably coulda gotten me suspended from RWA...then where would my local chapter be? They're about to elect me president...haha.

Anyway...for anyone thinking about entering GH..ever...DON''s a waste of time and money and you get nothing valuable from it. To be honest, in the whole scheme of things the contest means absolutely nothing. I one can even tell you who finaled or who won last year (without cheating, that is) and you likely won't find the winning book in the stores because half the time the winners or finalists don't ever sell their book...I can name several people who constantly final but never sell....that should tell you something about the judges. But, that's besides the point.

Am I being too bitter? Damn straight! Do I have a right to be? Hell yeah! Am I shooting myself in the foot by shooting off my mouth? Most likely. Do I care? Not really. I feel better having said all this? Kinda.

Anyway....on to something less bitchy.

I finally got my assigned editor for my recently sold book, so hopefully I'll have a release date soon. Which means I'll have to do some promos to help get the book into your hands....and doing promos isn't fun...I'm just not the attention getting whore I need to be. (heh) I'm also trying to rebuild my website...and I must bow down to those people who can build websites without wanting to kill someone!

Ok....Rant's over and it's getting late. I'm going to bed now.

So...tell me fearless reader....what's pissed you off recently?

Thursday, January 06, 2011

Never say Never

Okay, we're going to pretend that's NOT a Justin Bieber song.

Well, it's official....I signed a contract with another electronic publisher for my novel Forget Me Not. This is the book that was on the table at Kensington a few years ago, but the editor left and it got kicked to the curb.

Anyway, I refused to give up on the book and sought the guidance and copy-edits of my dear friend the wonderful Lauren Baratz-Logsted!

I had hoped to go to a traditional publishing house with the book but felt like I'd already burned those bridges when I had an agent. And I gave up looking for an agent to help me sell when the two I had previously didn't work out. Such a long story and not worth going into. Eventually I'll look for an agent again....the third time's a charm, right? But, for now, I'm going to stick with taking care of business myself.

I'm really excited that this book is going to be published, but at the same time I'm terrified it's going to be out there for strangers to read and maybe even rip to shreds...not that I expect anyone to hate it, the readers I've had so far all love the story and especially my hero, Scott (who is my favorite character of my works).

So, anyway, I haven't gotten the details on a release date, but I'll post that as soon as I get the word. There's a lot to do before a book can be released...gotta make the cover, gotta go through about five sets of copy-edits, then gotta proof the galleys. Although, electronic publishing is faster than traditional publishing so the book will most likely be on sale within the next six months...maybe by my birthday. :)

So, I hope you'll search it out when the time comes and let me know your thoughts. In the meantime...I have to restart my web-presence, rebuild my website and try to figure out more ways to promote myself (which is really hard cuz I'm not the "Look at me!" type.

Oh, and to whet your appetite for the book, here's the blurb:

Thirteen murders. Six years. One connection.
Romance novelist Casey Martinez thought changing her name would help her escape the pain of her past but when she receives photographs of a grisly murder, it becomes evident that a killer is stalking her. Over the past five years, women who share an eerie similarity to Casey have been found raped and mutilated—each with the remains of Casey’s book by their side. Haunted by the death of her mother twenty five years earlier, Casey does what she swore she would never do-- returns to her hometown, Rosehill, Texas.
Hidden away in a beach house, Casey's stubborn determination clashes with easy-going Scott Weller, the detective assigned as her bodyguard. When Casey is attacked during a break-in, evidence points to a second stalker. And with the gruesome discovery of another body, it becomes a race against time to find the real killer before Casey becomes the next victim.

Monday, January 03, 2011

Happy 3rd Day of the New Year!

I hope you all had a great weekend ringing in the new and tossing out the old. I think most everyone spent the time putting away their Christmas decorations. We were no exception. Funny how fast you can tear it all down. On New Years day I made our traditional dinner of black-eyed peas, cabbage, cornbread and ham. The kids all complained about it, but they ate it one was going to chance the bad luck. I even told Becca about the superstition that if you sneeze on New Year's day you'll have good luck for the year. She really took it to heart and sneezed a jazillon times that day! Anyway, the rest of the day was spent doing much of nothing. My husband watched football all day, Adam and Manda both had to work, Jeremy played some game (WOW, I think) on the computer and Becca and I went to see The Little Fockers. It was a pretty funny movie. We planned to see Black Swan, but it was so packed and the only open seats were the ones right in front of the screen, so we passed on that movie and went to see the Fockers.
So, anyway....Becca and Jeremy went back to school today so I've had only peace and quiet all day (Manda slept in--her classes don't start for another two weeks). I was planning to try to start a new book (or jump back into an unfinished one) but I can't seem to get motivated. All the rejections of the past years have really killed my muse. :-/ I need to find another one or steal someone else's ...hmmm....I wonder where Nora Roberts' muse vacations. hah
Okay, so far my new year is a bit dull...or at least the blog is. Maybe it'll get horoscope keeps telling me it will.
I guess I should go try and be productive at something. If you made it this =D
Enjoy your day and thanks for reading. I shall attempt to post another rambling blog tomorrow.

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