Friday, February 19, 2021

Baby it's Cold Outside


So, unless you're in Cancun, you know Texas is going through the worst winter it's ever had in a thousand years. Up to three inches of snow in San Antonio, which is central Texas, and higher amounts in the northern states like Dallas, Amarillo etc. While it's pretty when it falls and builds up and can be fun to play in....we're over it.

My daughter's attempt at building a snow-dog

I live an hour southeast of San Antonio, where we got about an inch of snow on top of an inch of ice. We live in the country and it's always windy so our drifts were about a foot or so. Our morning temperatures dropped to 9 degrees on Monday and gradually warmed to the twenties as of this morning. 

Because Texas is a southern, tropical-ish state, a large majority aren't prepared for the cold. No one owns parkas, or ski caps, snow boots or long-johns. Very few have fireplaces or wood burning stoves. However, because we lived in Illinois and once upon a time in Alaska, my husband and I still own 'snow' clothing and my daughter has some from when we were in Illinois two years ago. 

Because we live an hour from San Antonio, we didn't have to suffer too long without power (only one day)...although we've been without water since Tuesday. I had to melt snow to finish my dishes and once the water started to trickle in from the faucet I filled my large gumbo pot so I could continue washing dishes, although the water stopped flowing due to the freeze on Wednesday. My husband brought home two 5 gallon buckets of water from work so we could fill the toilet tanks. Fortunately, I had filled four 5 gallon jugs of Primo water on Saturday, so we have plenty to drink. As of this morning, our water is back on...but we'll see how long that will last because there is a leak in the laundry room. 

And, let's not forget the animals. We have six stray cats and a stray dog on the property. I've been trying to keep them warm as best I can. I have a large 9 foot long box with a comforter in the carport for them. I've been leaving out plenty of food and have been melting the water that keeps turning to ice so they have something to drink. So far, they're faring well. 

All of that sounds horrible, huh? But, everything we've gone through, is Nothing compared to what others are going through in the state. People are dying. Not just in the big cities but in the smaller communities (like the town I live in) because their homes are not well insulated and of course they don't have the clothing or blankets to snuggle in. 

Some of our northern friends can't seem to understand what all the 'hoopla' is about, after all they go through this all the time. *eye roll* But the insensitivity is two-fold, as many along the gulf coast can't see to understand why they can't handle a hurricane. the grace of God, our temperatures will be going up....mid sixties by Monday, which is when many of us will see what damage was done to our pipes. The fight is not done. 

There was an article in Rolling Stone about what you can do to help those in need. You can find it here.

Thank you for reading. I hope, wherever you are, you're staying safe and warm.

Peace and love. ✌️

Monday, February 01, 2021



 My title [song] Obsession is by Aminotion. Now you can get the song stuck in your head like it has mine. You're welcome.

So, long time no post....not that anyone has noticed.  Honestly, I keep forgetting I have a blog and that I'm supposed to write on it. Also....I can't really think of anything to post. But today, while I was munching on some Milk Duds, I realized...they are my newest obsession. I go through many obsessions...mostly food items (yes, I consider candy food). 

Like I said, right now it's Milk Duds before them it was Bartlett Pears. My obsessions usually only last a few months. So far I've also eaten through my obsession with watermelon, sour saltwater taffy (from Bucee's in Texas), popcorn, apples...I think that's it. So, not a large list. 

 I've never really been an obsessive type...I guess that's why they don't last long. Or could be that ADD I keep hearing about. 🤔

What about you? Any obsession you want to share? Anything you think would appeal to me?

Let me know. 

Thanks for reading!

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