Friday, January 12, 2007


Or is it?
2006 was one of the not so great years of my life….I can’t say it was the worst, because there have been worse….but like I do EVERYTIME something sucky happens, I move on. Only last year, it was harder because I let it get to me….the stress and anxiety and stuff. I told myself, this year would be different….literally. After all I’ll be in a new home, in a new state, minus one child (*sniff sniff*) and hopefully starting a new career path…or at least upgrading my current so called career.
So, anyway, the new year started like it always does, full of hope. Then….deja vu….I get a call from my agent telling me she will be leaving her agency to open up her own. Now, why is this Déjà vu? Well…because in January of 2005, five months after I signed with my first agent, she called to tell me she was leaving her agency to take an editor’s position at Simon & Schuster. You’d think this would be a good thing since she was my agent and loved my work…however…not so….my Romantic Suspense didn’t fit into the Latina line she was to be running. So, I had to spend practically all of 2005 looking for a new agent, and by the end of November, I'd finally found one!! My books went on submission in January 2006….we’ve had some interest….one editor in particular was very enthusiastic and even asked for a meeting at the RWA conference in Atlanta last July, and since then I’ve been somewhat furiously revamping the story for the editor. Then the holidays came around, and all the stress it entails….which included me and the kids having to move the first week of December because our house sold and living in a motel for eight days while they went to school, then spending a week at my cousin’s house (that would be a head count of 12!) so my son would get to see most of the family before he shipped out, then going to San Antonio for a week and leaving my son there, and me and the rest of the kids and my husband driving twelve hundred plus miles to our new home in Arizona. *heavy breath*….sorry…I keep digressing….
So…I get a call from my agent who said she’s leaving the agency to open her own….however, unlike my first agent….THIS agent wants me to come with her! YAY! So, I still have an agent which means I don’t have to stress so much about whether or not I suck as a writer. (call me neurotic)
So….starting February, my work will be pitched again but under the new agency name. No big….we still have that one editor who LOVES me….but wait….my agent now tells me the editor is considering leaving her house for another one. **ARRRGGHHH** What is this curse I have???
Okay….so I’m being dramatic. Turns out (I just learned) that the editor not only left her current house but took a position with a major house, where she’ll be a head editor and can buy her own projects, as opposed to assisting an editor and having to go through them for her buys.
What does this mean for me? Hell if I know. But, I’m hoping it’s good.
Keep your fingers crossed and stay tuned.

Thanks for reading.

And…..Have a Happier New Year!

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