Thursday, April 19, 2007

Wow, has it really been three months??

My time does fly. I can't believe I haven't updated this blog since January....well, yeah I can.

Life in Az has been going well, I guess. We haven't hit those Hotter'n Hell temperatures yet, much to the disappointment of my youngest who wants to go swimming in our backyard pool. I wouldn't even mind swimming daily for the exercise since I could really use it!

Aside from that I guess you could say we've adjusted. The kids have made friends, the younger one is still playing baseball and having a very good time....except for a couple of weeks ago when he got clocked on the chin by a 70 mph fast ball. But, the kid's a trooper and is still batting around .500

We've had our share of the media blitz this week. Apparently some very disturbed individual at my daughter's high school has been threatening violence, leaving cryptic messages on the boy's bathroom wall and accompanying it with a mutilated carcass (according to the rumor mill) and a couple of burning folliage. The date of the attack, which is supposed to include a bomb and hand guns, is scheduled for tomorrow...April 20th. Again the rumor mill is that the massacre is to be held in the name of the two psychos who shot up Columbine and that historic psycho responsible for the Holocost (not one of these individuals deserve to have their names spoken aloud). Anyway, the police and school officials are taking the threats seriously, especially in lieu of what happened this week in Virginia. Needless to say, a large majority of the student body plan to stay home daughter included. I had tried to let my daughter know there was nothing to be scared about, that her school is safe. However, all my convincing went out the window today. The school was on complete lockdown one in that didn't belong there. Cops, placed together in pairs, haunted every few feet of the building and blocked all entrances. After school all of the students were then corralled a block away at the football field and parents were told to pick them up at the church another block away. Needless to say, we were told this when we got to the school. My daughter, a freshman, is also special needs and the most timid child you'll ever meet, and being new had no idea where she was supposed to go. The extra precautions today totally freaked her out, added to the fact that the school was evacuated for half an hour while they checked into a suspicious package in the boys room, which turned out to be someone's science project. Anyway...thankfully we got my daughter a cell phone for Christmas, so her brother and I were able to talk to her while we hunted her down. Then, one of the aides at the school spotted her and was kind enough to walk her to where we were parked.
Leaving the school we couldn't believe the amount of press waiting to see what would happen. Helicopters hovered over the school, news vans for the local affiliates as well as radio stations were set up everywhere, satelite dishes and all. It certainly made me feel, even more, for the people in Virginia and Colorado, Kentucky....everywhere these tragedies happen.
And it's really sad that, when these stories hit the news, more focus is put on the killer than on the victims .

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