Thursday, May 10, 2007

It's Getting HOT!

Of course this is Arizona, so triple digit temperatures are the norm. The heat doesn't bother me, though...I much prefer being hot than cold since it's easier to find ways to cool off than warm up. Plus....we have a swimming pool now and it's clean! I say that because the guy our landlord hired to service the pool...didn't. The thing looked like a mold infested pond. The new pool guy.....who, sadly, looks nothing like those hot pool guys you see on TV....spent two days cleaning the pool. I think he even had to triple the chemicals just to kill the mildew. So...with temperatures expected to reach over 100 for the next several days/months my kids can now cool off in the pool. I'm even planning to do a few laps everyday to get back in shape...not that I was ever in shape. Of course, talking about it and doing it, are two different things. Another good thing about the pool is....I don't have to spend the summer trying to find ways to entertain the kids!

And, speaking of hot it's time to gather my summer reading list. There are several author friends who have books out, that I'm looking forward to reading. Here are a few titles on my list so far....

Bobby Faye's Very Very Very Bad Day by Toni McGee Causey (check out the book trailer)
Cover Up--Michele Martinez
Hell's Belles--Jackie Kessler
One Shot--Lee Child (who I had the ultimate pleasure of meeting a couple of weeks ago. And the awesome part....he remembered my name from when we met in 2005!!) *sigh*

Anyway...that's just a few books I have on my shelf to be read....since I can read a book in two days, and I'll be on bed rest for a few weeks I'll have a lot more than these on my, of course, I'll be working on my own manuscript (hopefully).

Next week (May 30-June 3) I'll be in New York for the
Backspace conference. I'm really looking forward to meeting all of my online friends face to face. I've been corresponding with most of the members of Backspace since 2003 and they've been the most supportive, encouraging and inspiring group of people I've ever met, not to mention they're very talented writers.

So....with such an awesome start to my can I go wrong?? =)

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