Thursday, August 02, 2007

Back to reality

Vacation time is officially over, for me anyway. These last two weeks I've been back home (in Texas) visiting friends and family. It was a great trip, we started out in Houston, staying with friends for a couple of days, then we drove to Nederland (a small town between Port Arthur and Beaumont--not that you'd know where they are).

My cousin Michelle, who's kind of like my little sister (we're that close) wanted to surprise her mom (my aunt Minnie--pronouced Meanie) so she didn't tell her we were coming. It was just me and my two girls, who are ages 13 & 15 and aside from getting taller these last seven months, they haven't really changed much. Anyway....we made plans to meet up at the Texas's a restaurant and Michelle and family were meeting there to have dinner to celebrate her son's birthday. Mik has four kids ages 3-9. So, I told my daughter to go in first and go up to the table and ask to take my aunt's those people who charge you five bucks when you're on vacation. She said, what if she says okay? I told her, take the picture anyway. Then I said, it might take her a minute but she'll recognize you.

So, Becca goes to the table while Manda and I hide behind the booth watching to see what happens.
Michelle pulled out her handheld video camera to tape the whole thing.

Becca walks up to the table with her digital camera.
Becca: "Hi. Can I take your picture?"
Uncle Ramon: "Why do you want to take her picture?"
Becca: "It's for a school project." ('s doesn't even start for another month!)
Aunt Minnie: "Okay. Sure." (sits back in her seat and smiles...wondering why Michelle is laughing hysterically)
Becca takes the picture then shows it to them. She waits a moment and when she realizes they still don't know who she is says, "Would you like me to take another one?"
Minnie: "Okay."
At that point I send Manda out...who is immediately recognized. Then I step out from behind the booth and say, "Geez Minnie, it's been seven months, not seven years!"

It was really funny.....but I guess you had to be there.

Anyway, our trip was a lot of fun but now it's back to reality.

We flew home late last night so today I've spent the morning paying bills. Now I need to clean the house because....three guys...alone for ten days....'Nuff said. Actually, the house isn't that bad. But it hasn't been really cleaned since May (because I was laid up for a month after having surgery). Now that I'm up and around (and completely healed) I get to do housework again. Yay me. Plus, tomorrow is my son's birthday...he turns 12 and Tuesday is Becca's birthday...she turns 14. We're not really doing anything big for them since the trip was sort of Becca's present and Jeremy got a brand new set of golf clubs and played golf nearly everyday we were gone, but I do want to get them a cake. starts on Monday (YAY ME--and that's without the sarcasm!) so I've got to go fight the crowds at Walmart and gather supplies. Oh, and Jeremy didn't go to registration yesterday so I have to do that as well. And I have to go to the post office and mail out a request to an agent, plus do some much needed revisions on my novel Dark Obsession for a contest, and complete my current novel House of Cards.

Man....reality bites.

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