Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Who do you think you are...Mr. Big Stuff?

My son and I were watching the news earlier and he stated that he was going to sign a petition opposing the new Arizona Immigration Law that went into effect in April. My son is 14 and not the brightess bulb in the box (unless it has to do with math or sports). His position on the law is because Steve Nash from the Phoenix Suns is against the bill. Really? Stick to what you get paid for Steve, although you won't get paid for much longer if you continue to rally against your home state.

Okay...if you know me or read my blogs you know I don't follow politics much...I'm certainly not passionate about it but I have to say, all the hooplah about the immigration bill just really irritates the shit out of me. I mean, seriously...boycott a state because you think the law is unconsitutional?? Who's it unconstitutional to?? Illegal immigrants? They're not legal...they have no US constitutional rights!

What I don't understand is why everyone is making such a big deal about the bill. Govenor Brewer is just enforcing the Federal immigration bill. The new Az law says :

police officers, “when practicable,” can detain people they reasonably suspect are in the country without authorization and to verify their status with federal officials, unless doing so would hinder an investigation or emergency medical treatment.

Now, for some assinine reason, some people seem to think this gives the police the right to "racial profile''. doesn't! Racial profiling happens all the
time--whether intentional or not and sadly, that's just the way life is.
Sure, we've learned to be more tolerant of each other's political, social,
economic and religious views, but that doesn't mean we don't look at certain people and think...are they a terrorist? or are they going to stand on my doorstep and shove pamplets at me and make me listen to how the world is going to end and I'm going to Hell if I don't go to their church? Or if a young woman is standing on a street corner are you going to automatically assume she's "looking for company'? I know, that's not racial...but it's still profiling.

I'm second generation Mexican/American...I was born in the grandparents were lucky enough to escape across the border and build a life for their children and I'm very proud of my heritage...but I do not oppose this new law. I'm sorry, but I see nothing wrong with wanting to keep our borders safe and protect not only those family that live on this end of the border but those families trying to cross over because they believe the coyotes when they tell them they can have a better life. I'm not saying I don't want them here or don't want them to have a better way of life....everyone is entitled to that....all I'm saying is go through the proper channels. Come on over but do it legally. The Mexican president is opposed to the law as well...but dude...treat your people better and maybe they won't keep trying to escape!

As I said, this whole debacle is completely ridiculous. To all those companies and people pulling their business and money out of Arizona: That isn't going to help your cause. Emotional or financial blackmail only makes you a bully and you're hurting the millions of families already struggling to make ends meet. Someone at a forum I ran across said, maybe we should ship all the illegals to one of these states who think we're doing something wrong and let them foot the bill for their care....those states would do a fast turnaround of support.

On the midday news Rev. Al Sharpton stated he planned to march in Phoenix against the bill when it goes into effect. As if that wasn't stupid enough he also stated: "And I'm not going to carry any identification papers!" Uh....are you that fucking stupid Sharpton (that's rhetorical)'re a US citizen...unless you plan to drive your own vehicle or board an don't need your ID. And to those who are worried about the bill or being profiled....if you're here illegally...keep your nose clean, follow the law and don't cause trouble that would have you detained by the police. If you are legal...the same thing applies!! rant is done for the moment. Until someone else says or does something stupid, that is....which seems to be every day.

Kudos to Danny Glover!!! (I've always liked him as an I like him even more!)

So...tell me....what are your thoughts?

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