Wednesday, October 12, 2011

All You Need is Love

I LOVE books! Which is part of why I’m a writer, because I can put my crazy stories down on paper and share them with whomever wants to enjoy them. I’ve been reading since first grade-- when I started learning how to read and I devoured whatever books I could get at the school library. During the summer I’d sign up for the summer reading program at the local library. My mother was an avid reader too, which is probably where I caught the bug, and she was a big Barbara Cartland fan. I never tried to sneak her books because I was a child at the time, and in my teenage years when I moved into the more “adult” books, I went for Mary Higgins Clark and John Saul (now my tastes vary).

When I decided to become an author I didn’t think about writing romance. Not that I didn’t enjoy them, I had become a big fan of Nora Roberts and Jayne Ann Krentz, but I just couldn’t see me knowing how to make people fall in love. But, as I wrote and the story progressed, so did the relationship between the characters. Before I realized it, I’d not only written the suspense I was going for, but I’d also written a romance.

Over the years I’ve learned not to dictate what or how my characters feel, because they tend to know better than I do. I might argue with them from time to time, because I’m just stubborn that way, but I don’t get in their way or try to stop them from falling in love, because it’s a natural progression between them. And if it doesn’t progress, then time to add a character who will be the love interest.
My recent release, Forget Me Not, went on sale on October 7th. I wrote this book eight years ago and it’s been a true labor of love for me. Not only did I believe there was an audience for this book, but I refused to believe there wasn’t. (did that make sense?) I found an agent right away, which was validation that I was right. Of course the agent left the agency and it took me a year to find another one. That didn’t quite work out, even after we had editor interest….but that’s all a long story I won’t bother to bore you with. Suffice it to say, I refused to give up on this book. I’m a perfectionist and when I do something I plan to do it right or die trying…(to quote Jack Reacher..hah). So, eight years and countless revisions later, my book sold to Decadent Publishing in electronic format. I can’t be more proud of this book and, although I’m not a well-known author, I’m confident this book will find it’s audience.

If you’re a fan of Catherine Coulter or Nora Roberts, and you’re looking for a great book to curl up with, this book is for you. But, don’t just take my word for it. Listen to NYT Bestselling author Michele Martinez, who said:
The romance is hot and the suspense high in Forget Me Not. Terri Molina has crafted characters you’ll care about from the very first page and a plot that will keep you guessing till the last. Don’t miss this delicious read.

You can find the book here and here

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