Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Long Time no Blog

Wow. Has it actually been four months since my last blog?? To all you (four or five) readers who stop sorry.
Let's see if I can catch you up on what's happened since I blogged last. I'll try to condense so as not to bore. Well...I guess this won't be so hard after all since nothing much has been happening. Although the new year started out pretty crappy. My daughter, Manda, was diagnosed with Type One's the insulin dependant one. Totally came out of the blue! She spent three days in the hospital and they basically gave us a crash course on the illness and how to care for her. The hopsital staff at Banner Desert in Mesa were so wonderful! We couldn't have asked for better. Anyway her numbers are still up and down and for a while there the doctor thought she might be atypical and insulin resistant...she takes nearly 100 units a day plus a pill. Over the past week she's been having trouble with her feet, they're swelling like crazy. She's also put on about 25 pounds, which on a normal person would be overkill...on Manda, because she was only 83 pounds of bone, it looks very good....and she's very happy to be over 100 pounds now!! Goofy kid!

So, as for my writing....I'm actually working on another book. It's a stand alone sequel to my second book Dark Obsession. DO was Ray's story, the second book, which is currently called Body & Soul is Sylvia's story. Ray and Sylvia are siblings...for those who don't know. =) Both books are romantic suspense with paranormal elements and take place in the Rio Grande Valley in Texas. I'm also still working on book three House of Cards---off and on---more off than on. I've had a few people ask me how I can work on two books at the same time's just easier for me. Both books have the same theme which is ritual murders...although both go in two totally different directions. So, for me, it makes it easier to work on one or the other. When one stalls I move to the other. I did the same thing when I wrote my first two books Dark Obsession and Forget Me Not. Those two books also had a similar theme--stalkers. I'm hoping to have the books completed by summer....but that's a big HOPE because my laptop died on me. I guess that's what I get for ordering from Tiger Direct. *sigh* I have to use the kid's computer which has the most uncomfortable chair possible. And I use my husband's laptop on the weekends (unless he has to go to work). I would try to write in longhand, but it doesn't work out handwriting gets to messy because I don't write as fast as I can type or think and when I try to read it back I can't figure out what I wrote. haha
Anyway.....I think I'm babbling. I should probably try to get some work done before I have to get the girls in an hour. Then it's run here, run there, run here again, run there again. I'm getting tired just thinking about it.

So...thanks for stopping by. Hope I didn't bore you too much. I'll try to blog something a little more interesting next time...with in the next four months at least.

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