Sunday, October 10, 2010

Senseless Rambling

October 10, 2010. Five months and five days since my last post. That should mean something, right? (other than my laziness when it comes to blogging--heh).
I've never been into numerology or even understood it for that matter, but some people seem to think days like these are special. Okay, granted, you'll only see these dates once in your lifetime, but that doesn't make them unusal. Like 11:11. For some reason those numbers are supposed to be magical, at least my kids think so and whenever they see them they close their eyes and make a wish. Okay, I do too...I also wish on the first star at night...sue me. ;-P friend Brenda Birch said I needed to update my blog, so that's what I'm going to attempt to do. If you're familiar with me or my blogs, you'll know I'm not very talkative so my blogs tend to be rather random.

The last five months have been pretty uneventful, so it won't take long to play catch-up. My daughter, Manda, graduated high school and as promised we went to Texas for a party with the family. We rented a beach house in Port Bolivar and had a wonderful time! We also got to spend some time with family and friends and even got to spend some long-past-due time with my niece, Sierra. She even came back home with us and spent another week. Manda is now in college, taking her general studies. She's planning to be a kindergarten teacher, although she'll probably only be an aide since it's not likely she'll be able to handle a full class on her own.
The first week of August my other daughter, Becca, celebrated her 17th birthday. A few days later she got her driver's license. The officer who gave her the driving test was greatly impressed and told her she was the best driver he'd had all day. (yeah, I take credit for being her teacher. heh). School started right after her birthday and now we're doing all the 'senior/pre-graduation' stuff for her.
My oldest, Adam, moved back home--he'd been living (or trying to) in Texas for the past year. He recently found a good job, so hopefully he can get on his feet and start supporting himself!
Jeremy, the baby, is a sophmore, so two more years before we have to do the 'senor' stuff for him. Over the summer he was on the Little League 'All-Star' team. They did fairly well, although if they'd had a better coach, they'd have gone all the way! Now that Jeremy's too old for LL he has to wait until spring to play ball again..provided he makes the school team.
As for me...not much has changed. Still, kinda, sorta, writing. In April I sent my novel, Forget Me Not to a friend, Lauren Baratz-Logsted, who does book-doctoring and copy-edits on the side. She'd worked on my other book Dark Obsession (which is still with two houses...just waiting for them to say YES I WANT THIS BOOK!! HERE'S A BUTTLOAD OF MONEY!!) haha....okay, I can dream, can't I??? Anyway, the year before and I was very happy with the results, so I sent Lauren my next book. She had about two pages of comments about what didn't work for the story so I've been rewriting and deleting a lot of scenes. I even started working with a new critique group who have been very helpful with the inconsistencies as I rewrite. this was boring. Like I said, not much of a blogger.
If you stayed through this whole're either very sweet or very bored. haha As a token of my appreciation I will send you (via PDF) a copy of my book, Her Will His Way. Just email me at with your email.


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