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Meet L. Shannon...Author Extraordinaire

Hello everyone. I'm Grant. You may bow if you want but I don't get off on all that scrapping and such.

I was asked to explain the basic rules of the nine realms (L. Shannon's view of the world). Feel free to ask questions, but I may or may not answer. If you want a more guaranteed response send it directly to L. Shannon at
  • good and evil are in the eye of the beholder (yep- same as beauty)
  • power is absolute, but it is not always misused.
  • existence is only limited by imagination (this might not be true)
  • in any battle, strength is the secret to triumph. (strength is found in more than muscles ~ never underestimate strength of will)
  • the beginning is the end and the end is the beginning.

Now if you've had enough of that zen shit, let me (Grant) tell you a little about the nine realms. If I miss anything ask me on my blog (actually it's L. Shannon's but if you ask me, I'll answer and I won't sugar or shit coat it.)

  • If it's bigger or stronger than you- don't piss it off. If you do, put on your runners and haul ass, cause it will kill you or worse.
  • If you care about something, DON'T set it free. (trust me-bad idea) I recommend kissing her ass until she wants to stay.
  • When the big guy says duck, don't hesitate. He doesn't screw around, and he might find it funny if you suffer for your stupidity.
  • Friends and family. Always protect what you love, even if the cost proves too high.
  • Don't listen to me. I have been around for six thousand years and still haven't gotten it right. Find someone who has, and listen to them.

What you need to know about the nine realms.

  • The world as you know it actually has nine realities instead of one. In some cases these are drastically different (like heaven and hell kind of different). The closest you could find reference to these realms is what you humans call Norse mythology. Although the records don't get it all right, they do hit the high points.
  • There are nine primary races to which the Creator gave nine realms. Aesir, Dark Elves, Light Elves, Dwarves, Jotun, Humans, Tascryn (land of the dead), Valhalla, and Vanir.
  • Though most people seem to think this is the first age, I'm not so sure. I think that perhaps Ragnarok has come and gone a couple times, though it is only my opinion. The predictions all point to the end coming (again) and I personally hope it doesn't come too soon.

What you need to know about demons

  • Not all are bad. In fact I can be very good (really very good). You might hear about my breathren the Tascryn demons and they happen to be mostly the good kind. The Tascryn are the protectors of souls and help to maintain the balance of life in all nine realms.
    Being a Tascryn demon is mostly a thankless job. Very few people are happy to see us come to claim a soul, after all that means you either are about to die, or we are about to kill you. Our health plan is pretty good. Tascryn are extremely hard to kill and heal almost instantaniously. The vacation schedule sucks. Tascryn work 24/7 and are only allowed one vacation every thousand years. (yeah, I didn't think that was fair either)
    There is more than one kind of demon. Tascryn Demons live and work mostly in Niflheim, but a whole different kind call Abaddon home. The Abaddon Demons tend to have fewer rules and a significantly different job description.

What you need to know about werewolves.

  • The kind of werewolf that I know the most about are called Valafrn werewolves. I have grown rather fond of them over the years. The Valafrn all descended from one fellow (who wasn't quite human) named Vali. You see, Vali went and got himself cursed into his furry form, but in his case it was much worse than others kinds of werewolf curses. Vali was a wolf for all but three nights a month. He took human form for the three nights (and 2 days) of the full moon. Yeah well it sucked for him and proved to be inherited, so all his children (and he was very productive) were cursed just like him. Vali did what any loving father would do; he went to the god who cursed him and begged. (Despite his usually furry form) he didn't beg very well, but Odin helped him anyhow. Together they found a way to let Vali's children use magic to control their physical form. As it turned out, the kiddies got more than they expected and ended up powerful shapeshifters.

If you liked hanging out with me, I invite you to read Tascryn Royals 1: Of Blood and Blessings which is my story through the eyes of L. Shannon (the voyeur, LOL) Or my mother, Sadrina's book, Tascryn Royals 2: Blood Reign. I have not and will not read about my mother and Pahele. Nope. Not gonna happen.

One last thing...I shouldn't, but because I've always been a pain in his ass, I'll share a friend's page that I recently found ~

Just do me a favor and don't tell him where you got the link. Ever since I was given to him as a slave way long ago, I've been able to piss him off in all the best ways. But I know one thing and that's if the end ever comes, I will be at his side one way or the other.


Oh... PS Here's Shannon's site.

If you're a voyeur too, drop by and check it out.

Visit L Shannon at these locations to learn more about her. You'll be glad you did.

L.Shannon's website
my space

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Selena's Sex Tips
  1. Get creative. Do some research. Read an erotic romance. Think outside the box. Look up new positions. Once you've got some new ideas, present them to your SOS.
  2. Get your SOS involved. Send them links to articles, websites, photos. Rent a movie together, read a book together, or flip through a magazine.
  3. Get out a scarf or tie and tie one end to your wrist and the other to that of your SOS. Spend a whole day like this and you'll find plenty of opportunities for kisses and cuddles.
  4. Tell it like it is. This is really the key. Ask for what you want. Use words like faster, slower, harder, softer, to the left, etc.
  5. Get out of the bedroom. Nothing like a new venue to inspire you.
  6. Try a sex toy. With dozens (probably hundreds) of websites out there that will provide quality merchandise in discreet packaging, you've got no excuse not to try something new.

And now, a look at how Selena puts it all in play. ;)

The Cajun's Captive

by Selena Blake

Sebastian Deveraux is the Alpha of his pack and like all the Deveraux men, he’s sexy as pure sin. He’s waited for decades for just the right woman. For his mate. And ten years ago he’d been sure he’d found her in Amanda St. James. But she’d run from him.Now she’s back. He’ll do anything to keep her. Even if it means chaining her to his bed.

Book 1 - Stormy Weather series

Cobblestone Press

Available June 13, 2008


The blonde peering into his bedroom window never heard him approach.

“Can I help you?” he asked mildly when he was within pouncing distance.

Shrieking, she whirled to face him, backing up at the sametime. Her hands came up to balance herself, but it was too late. He made no move to rescue her even though he could have. Her momentum toppled her over the railing and into the soggy grass below. She landed flat on her back.

From the edge of the porch, he stared down at her not feeling the least bit sorry for startling her. What did a man have to do to get privacy?

Her wheat colored hair covered her face and the rain slowly soaked her clothes. She seemed too startled to move. Finally, she eased up on her elbows. Her breasts heaved and fell as if she might start crying. The last thing he wanted was a crying woman. Or a lawsuit.

“You all right?”

With a perfectly polished hand, she flicked her hair out of her faceand glared up at him. The blue eyes that locked with his couldn’t have surprised him more if there’d been eight of them.

Amanda St. James. Alive and in his yard. Couldn’t be.

He narrowed his gaze and took in her features. Same cute pixie nose. Same rosy, heart-shaped mouth he’d longed to kiss. Same delicious curves that his hands itched to caress. Suddenly he was transported a decade ago when they’d all been hanging out on a hot summer day. It had been August. Suffocatingly humid. Then Amanda had grabbed the hose and proceeded to drench him and his brothers to the bone.

Her kissable mouth had laughed and smiled as they’d chased her. When they’d finally caught her, turning the hose on her, the water had plastered her clothes to her sweet young body. It had taken all his willpower not to carry her off that very afternoon. To kiss her all over—from that adorable nose, to those delicious berry pink lips, to her hot pink toenails.

The clap of thunder brought him back to the present. His eyes didn’t fool him. He sniffed the air and her scent filled his lungs. She smelled so sweet, so familiar, and so wonderful that he almost closed his eyes to savor it. Instead, he took in her pitiful form. She looked like a drowned cat.

He watched as the rain molded her shirt to her breasts. Either from cold or, heaven help him, desire, her nipples beaded beneath the fabric and stood out like pebbles. He clenched his fists. Long dormant need surged upward startling him with its intensity. Its rawness.

He hadn’t seen or heard from her in nine long years but he’d never stopped wanting her. It was the reason he dated a long stream of women, never settling down. He’d never felt this kind of urgency with anyone else. Although he’d tried to wipe away her memory, none of them could compare to Manda. His Manda.

But her presence now reminded him of how she’d fled all those years ago. She’d gone off to Yankee country for school. Then she’d gone onto work for one of the biggest broadcast companies in the country. Never looked back. Never called. Simply fled. Ran from him.

His inner beast had been too proud to let him chase. Had been sure she’d come back in a week or two. Weeks had turned into years and now almost a decade. Now the beast growled deep inside, for the years he’d lost, for making him want her so, making him wait. It lay coiled, anxious and ready to spring to life and take what it wanted.

He crossed his arms over his chest, trying to keep the dangerous animal inside on a tight leash.

“Well, well, well. If it isn’t Amanda St. James.” He couldn’t keep the disdain from his voice. He hoped to hell she couldn’t hear the hurt, the yearning… “Did the Yanks kick you out? Get too cold for ya up north?”

“What a mean thing to say.” For a moment, she looked genuinely wounded. But he told himself that was part of her game. The network probably sent her.

“Then what are ya doin’ here?” Probably snooping for a story, he thought. Figured she’d use her looks, her connections, to get it. Like hell, she was going to get her story.

Her tongue slipped between her glossy pink lips to lick a raindrop. That simple movement reminded him of all the times she’d licked her lips, stuck out her tongue at him—reminded him of everything he really wanted in life. And just how much he wanted to kiss her.

Once again, he took in her sad wet form and saw everything he’d wanted for hundreds of years. Everything he’d been denied and had denied himself.

Sebastian knew he couldn’t be angry; she was worth the wait. He couldn’t let her get away again. This was a sign from the Gods. She was meant to be his. He’d known it all those years ago when he’d watched her blossom in front of his eyes. While he’d waited for her to grow up. Waited for her to come to him.He still knew it. Nothing had changed, he reasoned. Except that he wanted her more now than he had nine years ago. And she was well over eighteen now. He would finally make her his.

With the effortless grace his kind was known for, he leapt over the railing and landed at her feet. Oblivious to the rain, he glared down at her.

“Get up,” he ordered. She started to crab crawl backwards but she couldn’t get away fast enough. In a lightning fast move, he hoisted her over his shoulder. She barely weighed more than a sack or two of sugar.

“What are you doing?” she cried.

“Taking what’s mine.”

He knew the instant she comprehended his words. She squirmed and wiggled like a bunny in a trap, but it didn’t matter. He had her where he wanted her.

For now.

About the Author

Selena Blake writes paranormal and contemporary romance for Cobblestone Press. Her series Stormy Weather will be available in 2008. Drop by her website to find out more about the handsome Deveraux men of Louisiana and for a free short story. Http://

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That's the Power of Love..or Writing to be exact.

The Writing Game

I started writing a little over a year ago. It all began with one story- a story that had been building in my mind for months, or maybe even years. It was a romance, a tale of soulmates and heartbreak and passion.

The story kept growing in my head until eventually I had to let it out. I wrote 75, 000 words in one month (my fingers were exhausted!). Of course, it was so full of head-hopping and passive voice and cliched characters that it never reached the eyes of an editor. But that didn't matter to me. I'd finished my first novel. I was damned proud of myself!

After I put that one onto the back-burner, I dipped my toes in the writing pool again. I wrote a couple of novellas and short stories, and over time I saw my writing improve. It was tighter. The characters were well-drawn. The sex scenes were hot!

The next step was finding a critique partner. After a few tries, I found one that fit. We worked together on our respective WIPs, helping and advising and commenting until we had polished manuscripts ready to be looked at.

I then spotted the Vampire Oracle call for submissions from Cobblestone Press and I absolutely had to be a part of it. I wrote a proposal for the Power card and, woohoo, I was accepted!

Since then, I've continued to write and submit. I've written thousands of words in one month, then suffered with writing block the next month. I've been accepted by both Cobblestone and Phaze but I've also had my share of rejections. All part of the writing process.

Looking back to a year ago when I was just starting out as a writer, I am so glad that I let the words come out. It's a big deal to put a pen to paper and allow yourself to be a writer. It's scary and intimidating to think of submitting a story to a publisher, or even showing a story to your own family and friends. But it's worth it. Believe me!

Coming July 4th from Cobblestone Press- The Vampire Oracle: Power
A vampire's promise lasts forever...

To learn more about Ava, visit her at her Website or Blog

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A visit from Cassandra Moore

Artists use pencils and paints. Sculptors use their fingers and clay. But it wouldn't seem like a writer would use much more than a pen and paper, would it?
Not so! Writers use a lot of tools to organize their ideas and get them out for general consumption. Pen and paper is important to some, and others don't touch it. Here are my tools of the trade:
1. A spiral notebookMead Five Star, if you please. Usually five subject. It's got pockets for storing loose notes that get scribbled on envelopes, a sturdy plastic cover that doesn't rip or bend much, and is stable enough that I can write on my knee if I want to.

2. PensPaper-Mate Profile has a nice flow to it. It makes my handwriting almost legible. Almost.

3. Power StructureThere are a lot of writing programs for your computer out there. Some of them almost write the story for you, some are very bare bones. I've found that which one you like is really subjective. Power Structure works out for me, although I've been looking into some cheaper alternatives. Still, I can't deny that this helps keep my plots and characters organized.

4. A wikiPower Structure's great for plots, but it's not great for world building. For that, I use a wiki. Just like Wikipedia, but with my own content. I have character profiles, story synopses, notes, you name it. I copy and paste descriptions from my stories into it to keep track of what I've said about who. This is a really terrific tool that I just discovered, thanks to Moira Rogers.

5. MusicWriting without music is torturous to me. Give me my iPod, or the playlist on my computer. I sometimes have specific playlists for specific situations, like writing steamy scenes or fight scenes. My main playlist is 193 songs long (that's about 14 hours of music).

6. Colored paperclipsThis is about as organized as I get.

7. Messy deskIf it's too neat, how can I think?

8. Pretzels (or black licorice)I don't smoke. But I've been known to sit around, writing a particularly tetchy scene with a pretzel stick hanging out of my mouth like a cigarette. Sometimes, I have good black licorice. Mmm.

9. FirefoxI sometimes have three tabs worth of research material open at a time. Included in this are the online dictionary, thesaurus, encyclopedia, and Wikipedia. Also, Google Earth and Google Maps.

10. PeopleNo one writes in a vacuum. I have my husband, my critique partners, my good friend, and other authors to bounce ideas off of, get told off by, and generally get help from. I use Pidgin to access multiple messaging services

To Learn More about Cassandra visit her at

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I Wanna Be a Paperback Writer

Meet Today's Guest Blogger--the Lovely,
Dee Carney

A DJ on the radio asked listeners to think about the careers they had once dreamed of having when they were children. I thought long and hard about it and ran through my list...I'd wanted to be a medical doctor (ugh. too much school), a vet (allergic to a million things), a child psychiatrist (wtf?), a chef (still holding on to this one), an artist (not enough money per my dad) and a writer. That last one took me by surprise because I'd completely forgotten that once upon a time, I'd wanted to be a writer when I grew up. So how, if I'd forgotten I'd wanted to be a writer, did I end up here?

Well, lemme tell you...Scroll back about fifteen years. Sitting in a sociology course, I had an instructor who loved to hear himself talk. I mean LOVED.

While sitting there bemoaning the mandatory attendance requirement, I thought up a story about a servant and a land owner (think pre-Civil War) who embark into a marriage agreement so that he can keep his inheritance. For the next year, whenever I had a course that bored me to tears, I whipped out my story idea and wrote an actual story to go along with it. When school ended, so did my writing. I had to go work in the real world...with only 1 1/2 chapters left to go.

To this day, I still have 1 1/2 chapters left of the story. One day I'll finish it. But I digress....Scroll back about eight months ago. While perusing a publisher site for kicks and giggles, someone mentioned joining NaNo. Being the internet detective that I am, I went to the site. After reading some more, I figured, what the heck...and signed up.

Since it was only October, I also figured I'd better practice since my writing was a little rusty. So I thought up a story about a man who dies. But then comes back - in a new time & place. After I finished the first two chapters, I gave them to my secretary to read. She became engrossed in the story and refused to talk to me until I'd handed her the next chapter. And the next. And the next. All of a sudden, I was writing The End.

I was very proud when I handed her that final chapter. If I say so myself, it was a pretty good story. She thought so too. She called me out of a meeting to gush over the story. And my head got too big to fit through doorways. And when she told me to submit it to a publisher, my head was so big it barely fit into the car for the ride home. Once again, what the heck? flashed through my mind. And I submitted it to this e-publisher with a good reputation and fair terms. The fact that their authors had positive things to say about them didn't hurt either. And on Christmas Day while sitting at work I opened up my email to find a letter from Deanna Lee letting me know that she enjoyed my story too.

SOLDIER released from Cobblestone Press in April of 2008. Since then I've been contracted for an additional two stories with Cobblestone. I'm only looking forward from here.

Who knew that a little kid a zillion years ago could have predicted the direction her life would head?

I'm glad she did.


You can find more about Dee here: Website Blog

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Meet Cobblestone Press Author Michele Braden

Vampire Oracle - Harmony
I never thought I'd be writing a paranormal romance. I write straight contemporary. I also didn't write fully disclosed love scenes. So, when the call came out for proposals for the Vampire Oracle line, why did I jump at it? I have no idea.

I originally read through the descriptions for each card and thought they sounded great. For someone else. Not my thing. But then the Harmony card showed up (they were released for proposals five at a time, just like they are being published the same way). I was drawn to the face on the card: Then, the description captured me: Key Words: sustenance, without conflict Meaning: This is a time of happiness and constancy. But like all good things, they have been worked for and could slip through the fingers if taken for granted.

My storyline for Harmony immediately popped in my head and I rushed to open a document and start laying it out. Once I finished that, I carefully checked all the rules for the proposal and then submitted it.

It all happened very quickly, but I was in the middle of the pack for submissions and we were to wait until mid-August, or maybe it was the end, but either way, it was a long wait. However, we got lucky and Deanna and Sable made their decisions much faster.

When I saw the email pop up in my inbox earlier than the expected date, I assumed it was a decline and was afraid to look. It was a contract!! (Obviously, since I'm writing this, but still, very exciting for me.)

From then to now has been a busy time: writing, editing, blurbing and getting ready for release date. The first five Vampire Oracle novella's released yesterday (June 6/08). Vampire Oracle: Harmony will release August 1/08. And, if I do say so myself, those love scenes turned out pretty hot.

I hope you will enjoy reading this as much as I enjoyed stepping outside of my comfort zone and writing it.

Here is my blurb:

Recently engaged, Kara Staten and Marc Brodeur are in love, and life is good.
Kara has a brand new business, and they have both worked hard to get to where
they are. When things start to turn bad, they struggle for the harmony they once
had. The balance starts to unravel, secrets become harder to keep. Kara's
skincare salon's "Take A Bite Out of Love (TBOL)" campaign results in several
almost fatal love bites, and Marc doesn't know if he's the cause. He's a vampire
trying to live a normal life. As the vampire in him struggles to take control,
Marc is only sure that he can't be the man Kara needs. She doesn't know he's a
vampire--can't know. As their lives spin into separate paths, they will find
that the thing that could tear them apart is the one thing that will ultimately
keep them together.

To learn more about Michelle visit her at her WEBSITE or you can find her often at her BLOG

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That's the Power of Love..or Romance to be exact.

The Power of Romance
Guest blogger
Jamieson Wolf
A while back, I was talking to my co-workers and sharing my good news: Cobblestone Press had accepted Valentine, my gay erotic paranormal romance, and they were going to publish it!
Josh, the office admin, turned to me and said: “Did you just say your gay erotic romance?”
I nodded. “Yep.” I said.
"You mean like a fantasy right?”
"Yeah, but it’s a gay romance.”
"You write romance?” Lindsay, my other co-worker, huffed.
“For goodness sake, Josh! He just told us that his gay erotic romance was accepted. So yes, he writes romance.”
"But I thought you wrote fantasy stuff.” Josh said.
I sighed inwardly. The truth is that I write a lot of different things. I have a horror/fantasy series about soap operas and zombies. I have the first book in a dark children’s trilogy out now in paperback. So, I’m more known as a fantasy author. Only I like to call it speculative fiction.
Thus far, aside from my husband, everyone has reacted the same way when I’ve told them the news about Valentine: Bemused bafflement.
One of my friends reacted in a particularly amusing way. “You wrote a romance?” My friend scoffed. "Isn’t that a little tacky?”
For whatever reason, there seems to be this stigma about romance novels or erotic romance stories. People are always leery of either admitting they read them or that they enjoy them. \
I read tons of romances. Nora Roberts, Heather Graham, Diana Palmer, J.D. Robb, Carly Phillips, Caridad Piniero, Pat White, Pamela Palmer, all of them are fantastic.
I don’t know what it is about romances that I love so much. Perhaps it’s because there is no greater thing on this earth than passionate love and a happy ending?
Whatever the reason, I’m proud to be in the company of such talented writers. I’m proud to be writing stories that touch the heart, pull on the emotions and evoke feelings, something I think that is lacking in literature today. And though quite a few people might discount romances as smut, they are the only books I know of that consistently evoke a reaction: shock, envy, lust, contentment, sadness, happiness, a sense of triumph. I experience those emotions and more each time I read a romance.
I think the true power of romances is that it brings our fantasies to life and shows us its okay to dream, to hope, to want something better. They show us its okay to love. What can be more powerful than that?
Later on in the day, Josh came to my desk with a grin on his face.
“What?” I asked.
"Your romance,” he said sheepishly. “Can I read it?”
I grinned and shook my head. I guess some people can be lured by the power of romance after all.

For more info on Jamieson and her new release Valentine, check out her blog!

And, while you’re at it, don’t forget to pick up your copy of Valentine by clicking here:

Website ~ Blog ~ Myspace

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Cobblestone Blog Tour Continues--I Once Met a Girl

An Interview With Leila Brown

Can you tell us a little about yourself?
Well let’s see…I’m an avid reader. Always have been, always will be. I enjoy a good story whether it’s romance, science fiction, or horror. I’m in it for the story. That’s what I strive for. In every story I write I try to provide my readers with a great story first and foremost.

Were you a reader before you became a writer?
Oh yes. I could read 3-4 category romances a day or one and a half single titles. I spent hundreds of dollars a month on books.

Did you always aspire to be an author? Was writing a passion of yours?
Yes. I started writing in the second grade. Unfortunately, I didn’t win that first writing contest. But it created the need to write.

Have you always had the writing bug? And how long have you been writing?
I’ve been writing seriously since 2002. I entered contest but didn’t start sending my work out to publishing companies until 2005.

Your real job is very different (non-creative) from writing. Does this difference drive your imagination?
Some days. My day job as a computer programmer/analysts can be a drain. If I’m dealing with a particular hard problem or training people then I use the creative juices try to come up with ways to explain technical things to non-technical people. Other days I find myself coming up with new ideas while I work. I keep a notebook handy for just such an occasion.

What is the best part of being a writer?
Creating stories that entertain me and getting paid for it.

How did you get your break and sell your first book?
It’s kind of funny. The first book I sold will actually be my fourth book released. When Cobblestone Press first came out with their Vampire Oracle line I loved the oracle card images. I submitted three proposals. Battle, Lust, and Hunger. On Aug. 10th 2007 (like how I remember the date?) the publisher contacted me and expressed how much she liked my Hunger proposal. But she felt it fit the Sacrifice card better. After reading through her reasoning, I had to agree.

Has your writing made you adjust your lifestyle in any way?
I’ve learned sleep is for wimps! No, actually I learned to take care of my family first. After that the day job and finally all free time is spent on writing and promoting my books.

Are you planning on writing any series books or do you have any more books that lead on from your existing titles that we should know about?
You betcha. The sequel to The Diamond Heartstone is The Pearl Heartstone. I am working on that one right now. It’s the story of how the nasty prince meets his match. The sequel to A Chance Encounter is also in the works. It will detail how Monique, Heather business partner and best friend, gets caught by her own set of powerful Faeries. Yes, it’s another ménage. And…as if that wasn’t enough, in September and October of this year I will be releasing Mastering Mirage and Making Mischief. These will be the stories of Soundwave’s sisters who are out searching for big sis when they cross the wrong men. Is that enough?

Not quite. But if you want to learn more about Leila just go to her website at

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Cobblestone Blog Tour--Day Five (sorry, can't think of a song at the moment)

Cobblestone has such a group of wonderfully talented writers with books you won't want to put down. One is the very lovely Yolanda Sfetsos. Her book Guarded By Stone is now available at Cobblestone Press. *Buy it Now*


The only reason Jemma walks through Hyde Park, is to cross paths with the
handsome stranger who always seems to be there. When she's attacked inside the
park one night, she finally gets to meet the man of her fantasies…Mason is one
of the Guardians of Sydney. When the woman he's attracted to is attacked by a
creature he's trying to stop, their lives are thrown together. To end the
creature's attacks within his part of the city, he'll need her help. Their
attraction is building, but how will Jemma react when she finds out what he
really is?


As much as Mason wanted to explain everything to the beauty he’d left safely inside her home, he knew she would be unconscious until morning. The creature that attacked her inside the park wasn’t dead. He’d managed to scare the chimera off, but she would go elsewhere to find another victim. Mason had been tracking this one for weeks.

The monster wanted to feed on humans. It was the only thing on which these creatures thrived. He had no idea how she’d gotten to Sydney, but it didn’t matter. All that mattered was that the chimera was here now and had already consumed enough humans to raise suspicion.

He’d seen the articles on discarded newspapers in parks all around Sydney. The victims were reported missing, but he knew they’d never be found. At least not complete, and not until the chimera was done with them. He had to stop her before the bitch destroyed more. The fact she decided to attack the one woman that made his desire to walk this earth burn wasn’t wasted on him. Maybe the chimera knew he was on her trail, or maybe she’d just gotten lucky.

She’d kept everyone from the scene of the crime via very powerful use of persuasion. He hadn’t been able to get through until it was almost too late. To realize he’d come so close to losing the brunette made his heart sink. He wouldn’t waste anymore time.

He wasn’t really a hunter of these monsters. He was just trying to get by. To live the mere existence that sunset gave him. It was an impossible way to live. A way that forced him to keep his distance from people—there was no point getting close to anyone. Not when he’d magically disappear at sunrise.

His duty wasn’t to hunt, but he had a duty nevertheless.

As the first rays of the sun caressed his face and warmed his bare shoulders, he closed his eyes. His skin tightened a little more with each degree the bright orb rose into the sky. He wrapped his fingers around the edge of the building, tight enough to keep him upright all day. So he could stare down at the living city below. Forced to sleep, turn to stone and awaken at nightfall, ready to guard it.

Everything hardened but his heart and mind. His thoughts turned to dreams of a beautiful, brunette woman he now knew was called Jemma.

To learn more about Yolanda Sfetsos visit her at

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The Way You Do the Things You Do

Today's guest author is Sophie Athens. Sophie's new book will be released with Cobblestone's new Vampire Oracles series.

Things that help put me in the mood to write.

As a writer, I'm always desperate for new things to put me in the proper mood. Here are some tips and tricks I use to evoke the atmosphere I need to put pen to paper (or more appropriately, fingers to keyboard):
  • 1--Scents are often one of the most overlooked senses, and yet the human mind has scads and scads of memories associated with scent. Think of an emotional memory that ties in with a particular scent (perhaps one that makes you laugh, cry, or long for someone), and use that scent when writing to evoke those particular feelings in yourself. You'd be amazed how much easier it is to transfer those emotions to the page. For example, if you're trying to evoke a feeling of home, maybe pop some chocolate-chip cookies in the oven (then bonus, you have cookies to reward yourself, too! hah)
  • 2--candles (scented or unscented). I love the flickering of candles off the objects around me. When I'm trying to write something dark or romantic, I find candles help pull that mood out of me.
  • 3--music. If there's a mood you're trying to create, there's a song that can help. Some people love music without lyrics, while others love the lyrics. Play around with it and see what works for you.
  • 4--sexy clothing. If I'm trying to write a love scene, I find I feel more confident and aware of my own sexuality if I dress in a more provocative manner.
  • 5--watch a movie that has a similar feel to what you're trying to evoke before writing. Visual stimulation is a fantastic aid when going to write a scene. It helps make things more tangible in your mind.
  • 6--act out a scene before writing it, whether just in your mind or with someone else. This can apply to sex scenes, as well as any other. Go through the dialogue in your mind and let yourself feel the emotions so you can accurately transfer them to the page.
  • 7--a little alcohol can help. I love sipping on a glass of wine while writing. Too much will make your writing sloppy, but just a little bit can help relax you enough to let you tap into your sensory emotions.

If anyone has any good tips or tricks, please share them!

You can find more details about me at and more about my novella, The Vampire Oracle: Hunger at

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Today's Guest Blogger is the Multitalented Kris Eton.

I began my writing career trying my hand at women's fiction. Serious stuff with angst and messy lives and women with things to work through. Then, I moved on to paranormal suspense. My mainstream ideas seem to be focused in this area, so I've got a zillion ideas to keep me busy there.

But erotic romance? I kind of fell into it. Honestly.

I was working on my 4th or 5th book. I had no success either finding an agent or a publisher with any of these books. A critique group I belonged to posted a call for short erotic fiction from an epublisher I'd heard of. And I thought...I can do that! 10,000 words? Easy as pie.
That book turned into MOONLIGHTING, a fun little tale about a woman who gets mistaken for a shoplifter in the dressing room of a store after hours. I'd never written an erotic sex scene before. But I threw caution to the wind and just hunkered down.

What made that particular story so successful was that I gave myself permission to fail. I had no pressure to make something 'great.' Which, in turn, freed up my creative mind. I didn't worry about what my mom might think or if an agent would think I was a nut. I just wrote what I wanted and decided it didn't matter. It could be silly or stupid or even plain ridiculous.
Several months later, I had a contract in hand for that book. It went through some rough times....making it through a bankruptcy. But now it has a new home with The Wild Rose Press, and I couldn't be happier.

Writing that first story was a breakthrough for me. A freeing of my creative self. Learning that I needed to please myself first...because if I liked the book, so would someone else.
Sometimes it takes a shake up in your writing to find success. Wanting to succeed in a certain genre and finding nothing but closed doors can take a toll on a writer's fragile ego. Sometimes a writer has to take a risk, try something out of their comfort zone to find success.
Now I have four published erotic romances and more on the way. Never be afraid to stretch yourself as a writer. Those are the times you grow the most.

To learn more about Kris and the wonderful books she writes visit her at

Monday, June 09, 2008

It Takes Two, Baby

Ever wonder what it would be like to co-write a book? Well, today's Guest Blogger makes it look easy!
Meet the writing team known as Moira Rogers. Their book Moonshine will released soon at Cobblestone Press. But, until then, why not take advantage of a great contest!

Write a Poem, Win a Book!

Every month we take all of our website search keywords from the previous month and post them, challenging our readers to create magnetic poetry style poems for us. It was so much fun the first time around it's become a tradition.

Starting in May, we invited an author to be our guest judge. The author donates a copy of one of their books to the winner, and we pitch in a gift certificate, both for the winner and the runner up.

Current Contest:

Previous Winners:

More about the dynamic duo writing as Moira Rogers:


Bree spends her days trying to create order from chaos working as a Database Application Designer and her nights trying to create chaos from order as a writer. She is interested in Urban Fantasy, Science Fiction, Historical Fiction and any book that tells her how to: knit, crochet, felt, bead, silkscreen, sew, quilt, cook, bake, do woodwork, make stained glass, or program computers.

In spite of the fact that she has a degree in Computer Science, she cannot operate her own VCR and has to ask Donna what her cell phone number is at least once a week.


As the mother of two toddlers, Donna also spends her days trying to create order from chaos. When chaos is sleeping, she enjoys reading, watching television, listening to music, and cooking, usually in some odd simultaneous combination.

As a writer, Donna spends half her time trying to wrangle muses who are actually more unmanageable than her children, and the other half trying to explain her bizarre plot ideas to Bree in a sensible, coherent fashion. She's trying to do better with both.

To learn even more, stop by their website,


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Meet Author Loribelle Hunt!

Today, during the first 'official' day of the Magical Mystery Tour, Bestselling author Loribelle Hunt is stopping by with a blurb and spicy excert of her soon to be released new book in Cobblestone's SHIFTERS series, CAPTURED MOON.

Available June 27, 2008!

PhotobucketCaptured Moon: Lunar Mates 6

When her marriage ended, Abby retreated into herself to lick her wounds and rebuild her life. She’s found satisfaction and some success writing, and she’s happy. Mostly. Who wouldn’t welcome a little R&R? Her favorite fantasy and many of her stories revolve around two men modeled after real life werewolf twins Rule and Lawe. When two of her friends talk her into participating in a local auction, fantasy and reality begin to mix. Rest and relaxation never felt so good, but is reality more than she bargained for?


God, she couldn’t believe her own libido. A familiar awareness coursed through her just thinking about them. Rule and Lawe made her want wicked, sinful things. Things she’d never wanted with any man, much less two.
It seemed so taboo, forbidden, especially considering she’d thought of them as her own brothers for years. There were other considerations, though. Deep fears. Good reasons not to explore the passion she was sure could ignite between the three of them. That kind of thing tended to lead to mate bonds and the last thing she wanted was to be mated to a Panhandle werewolf. Or two. Sighing, she pushed those worries from her mind. It wasn’t like they’d showed that kind of interest.
She focused on the open doorway leading to the stage. The waitress at the entrance was hissing at her. Time to go on. She wondered how she was supposed to stroll across the stage without literally showing her ass.
After walking out, it took her a moment to get her bearings. She’d never seen the bar from this angle.
“A yummy morsel, don’t you think, gentlemen?” Bill asked the crowd. “And I have to say, she’s just as lovely under the mask. Now, where should we start the bidding? Fifty? Do I have any takers?”
She shot him a horrified look. Was he crazy? No one was going to pay fifty dollars to go on a date with her! To her amazement, someone took the offer, then someone else countered. Before she knew it, the total was one hundred and fifty. She assumed that was the limit until she heard one of the dark, honeyed voices that fueled her dreams and fantasies up the bidding again.
Rule’s voice sent shivers down her spine. She longed to hear it in the darkest depths of night against her ear, whispering of the decadent things he was going to do to her and filled with the tenderness she ached to receive from him. Because as physically alluring as she found him, she wanted more. She wanted the steadiness, the strength of character, the caring and gentleness he’d shown her during the last year as she’d struggled to accept her divorce and the loss of her family. But she only wanted a few nights. She wanted to be able to walk away.
She tried to ignore a taunting internal voice. Yeah, right. Just a few nights.
After her parents’ deaths a little over a year ago, she’d taken the plunge and filed for divorce. Why she’d ever imagined a werepanther would be the same faithful, loving family man her werewolf father was escaped her. He was a cat, after all.
The loss of her parents had been horrific, but it had also been a wakeup call. She’d moved out within the week and started the long process of licking her wounds. Alex hadn’t fought for her. No, instead he heaved a sigh of relief and confessed he’d found someone else, someone he insisted was his mate even though, in her experience, werepanthers didn’t believe in life mates.
That was a week of changes. Maggie and Marilyn, who’d left for college and only returned for summer visits, moved back to Florida, and within a few, days the twins had come home too to take over their family’s bar. They were all together again. Sort of. The twins switched responsibilities. Every couple of months, one would take over the bar, and the other would leave. She had no idea where they’d disappear to or what they did while they were gone. They’d both been gone for a few weeks in December, returning just in time for Christmas. They’d worked out some kind of part-time arrangement with the Hunters, but Marilyn had told her earlier in the evening that Lawe would be back soon and they were both done. Retiring.
Her pussy clenched at the thought of his return, and she tried to ignore the memories that rose. Lawe was something else entirely. Wild. Untamed. They’d grown close a few months ago, and she’d almost felt pursued as if he were hunting her, as if he were going to take that next step and ask her out. Or take her to bed. Then he’d backed off, and Rule had come home to take over. Maybe Lawe had sensed her desires and disapproved. Or just didn’t reciprocate. And now Rule was bidding on her. Why?
She searched the crowd for him and groaned when she saw him standing at the rear of the bar. Unfortunately, it wasn’t a sound of pleasure, not even the small enjoyment she got scoping Rule out anonymously behind the mask, because standing next to him were Lawe and her ex, Alex. She ignored Alex and concentrated on the twins.
They looked so much alike, most people couldn’t tell them apart. Tall and fit, with matching green eyes and long dark hair, they turned heads. In personality, they were polar opposites. Where Rule was calm and collected, Lawe was a force of nature, always volatile and in motion. Now, his brows were drawn down in a scowl, and he glared daggers at his brother before turning to gaze at her. The look didn’t soften when aimed in her direction. He recognized her. Did he not approve of his brother’s interest? Like this fiasco wasn’t bad enough, they both had to witness it?
With impatience, she waited for Bill to call an end to the bidding—she wanted to escape and fast—but before he could, the bid was upped again. The voice that called out one hundred seventy sent shivers up her a spine, and not in a good way.
Ripping her gaze from the twins, she turned to the corner booth where Gage, the Alpha, held court. His lips turned up in the slightest smile and he lifted his beer to her in salute. Her stomach flip-flopped. What the hell was he up to? The last thing she wanted was to come to the attention of the Panhandle Alpha. No way, no how. Thank you very much.
She whipped back around to Rule and Lawe. One of them had damned well better raise the bid. She was tempted to do it herself, but didn’t dare do anything that might embarrass Gage. He ruled the pack with an iron fist. As an unmated female associated with it, she was allowed a certain amount of latitude. But publicly opposing him… She shuddered. She didn’t want to know how he’d respond.
Thankfully, Rule countered with two hundred.
Gage held his gaze a long moment, nodded once, and let the bidding end.

About the Author

A native of the South, is it any wonder Loribelle has a love of story telling? After a few bumps along the way and stints as an Army MP, a waitress, a student, and a wedding photographer this mother of three has turned to writing full time. She is a staff reviewer for Romance Divas and a member of RWA. To learn more about this fabulously talented author, visit her at her website:

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The Magical Mystery Tour

Okay...not so much a mystery...but it's a tour. A virtual Blog Tour, that is.

To celebrate Cobblestone Press's two year anniversary as well as help generate new sales, fourteen authors (including myself) will be doing a virtual blog tour. Meaning, we're each guest blogging on each other's blogs. (that really makes sense in my head)

Since I have two blogs I'll be posting ther appearances at both places. (This place being one of them). It's your chance to meet some great new authors and find some great new books. Including Cobblestone's new collection called The Vampire Oracles. (beware...they're HOT)

Now, as the handful of you who actually stop by to read my blog know, I tend to theme my blogs around song titles or lyrics. So, if you like to try to guess the name of the song or the artist who sings it, then hunt me down the week of June 7-21 and tell me the answer. It's kind of like playing Where's Waldo. Who may even enjoy the blog post. (it's been known to happen)

As an added bonus (in case you missed my bulletin post) during the same 14 days I'll be holding a contest. To enter, just go to my website, sign up for my newsletter and in the comment section, tell me what the most romantic gift was that you've ever been given by your significant other.
On June 21 I'll choose the best story and post it on my blog(s). The winner will recieve their own original print of The Pillslily (the picture Antonio gives to Anita in my book, Her Will His Way)

Good Luck to you all!

I'm looking forward to reading your stories.

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