Friday, June 22, 2012

Do You Believe in Magic

This is a cross post from the Crimson Romance website.
How much do you believe in the supernatural? Do you check your horoscope on a regular basis? Have you ever had your cards thrown? Or had your palm read?
I think everyone has a sense of magic in them. But, by my definition, magic doesn’t mean having the power to cast spells or make yourself float in midair…to me magic is about emotion, how strong your heart is, how strong your bond with everyone and everything around you.I’ve always felt I’ve had a strong intuition and it’s gotten me out of some pretty hairy situations. I also used this intuition when I write.
When I was researching my novel Dark Obsession, I focused my search on Curanderismo, spirituality, and pretty much anything having to do with witchcraft and mysticism. The information I came across was all very interesting. I even had a chance to speak with a man in west Texas who did years of research on Curanderismo and his insight made for great conflict in my story (and future stories). My research also took me on a road trip with my aunt and cousin, to the Rio Grande Valley (in Texas). I went to get visuals (since it had been several years since I lived there) and they went to see family. While we were there, my aunt’s sister-in-law told me about a (healing) incident she witnessed with a colicky baby, a raw egg, and a glass of salt water. This particular healing (called a limpia) was written into my novel Dark Obsession.
Now, I wouldn’t say I’m a firm believer in what I researched, but I can admit there’s something there to consider. I’ll even admit I’ve done the occasional Tarot card reading…but the free ones you find online–although a lot of good they do me since I don’t ever quite understand the meaning. Plus, with the way my luck goes, I could use all the mystical insight I can get. But, really, don’t we all wish we could have just a little bit of magic ala Samantha Stevens?
I read an article several years back where a police officer investigating a homicide said, “You can’t be born or raised near Mexico without believing the possibility that the magic exists.”
So…are you a believer or non believer? And, where do you draw the line? (horoscopes, palm reading, runes?)

Monday, June 04, 2012

Don't Stop Believing

After 8 long years, countless revisions and the wonderful eye of my critique partners, Helen King, Marina Agostinelli and Kelly Anderson (whom I accidently called Kelly Armstrong in my acknowlegements--hah), my novel Dark Obsession is finally live and available at Amazon!!

This is the second book I wrote (two months after I wrote Forget Me Not) and I've been trying to get it sold since! Crimson Romance, a division of Adam's Media, bought it in January and I am one of 25 they've listed as their launch authors. I can't tell you how excited I am.

Some people would probably think I'm crazy for spending eight years on a book, and they're probably right. But, I was very determined to sell this story. I believed in it and I knew people would enjoy it. And so far, the reviews have been wonderful!

So, with this new book I'm hoping you'll all help promote me on your Facebook pages or Twitter pages...and that you can write a better 140 character blurb than me haha. I'm hoping to get into the top 100 bestselling e-books at Amazon.

I'm also having a contest that runs through June 17 (my birthday :D) and you can win a gift basket worth $50. To enter, just send me a photo of my book on your e-reader.

And, I promise not to take 8 years to publish the next book. haha

If you're looking for the answer to my TRR question it's : B-his father.

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