Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The Rich Declare Themselves Poor and most of us are not sure

I'm not a politcal person, I don't 'serve' a party and for the most part I pay no attention to the political world around me. And it's not because I don't care, it's because, I'll admit, I'm not smart enough to understand what they're all fighting about. Call me simple...no don't call me that.

Anyway, despite my lack of understanding at why we have two opposing parties who think they're what's best for our country, I do follow the news programs and count on their intelligence to help me understand in layman's terms what all the hooplah is about. And over the years I've figured out that whenever the Republican party is all about the money...their money. The minute they feel their pocketbooks are threatened they scream our country is falling apart.

Take the new health care bill for example. According to the opposition this bill is "forcing" Americans to get health insurance. WHAT??? Where in this bill does it say "Any American Citizen who does not have insurance will automatically be given insurance whether you want it or not." People....it's a choice--free will---take it or leave it!!!

Can someone please tell me why these f**king idiots are even in office??

Now, seriously, why is there even a debate about this? Who wouldn't want insurance??

As the mother of four, one child with special needs and another who takes a monthly medication, not to mention that my husband and I are getting older and with age come health problems...I'm grateful we have insurance! And to be able to keep my children on our insurance until age 26 not only eases one worry for my daughter--who will be under a doctor's care for the rest of her life (because she developed type one diabetes) it shows that, yes our country is finally looking out for the little people.

My guess is the people fighting the bill are doing so because they feel the money to cover it is going to to come out of their pockets....as always the rich want to continue to get richer while the poor should stay in their place and get poorer.

This link was posted by a friend at Facebook. Check it out and tell me....what is so wrong with this bill??? Really....because I just don't know why it's causing such an uproar.

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