Friday, June 26, 2009

The Day the Music Died/ RIP Michael Jackson

I was visiting with my in-laws when my cousin Michelle sent me a text asking if I'd heard Michael Jackson died. I thought maybe it was a lame joke or something so I quickly turned the TV station to Headline News and sure enough....

Aside from losing an important part of our history, it's like losing a piece of your childhood. So many grew up with Michael and the Jackson Five. Even today children are singing his songs and imitating his dance moves. The world is mourning his loss.

Now, normally I wouldn't blog on my feelings about this because dying is a part of life, even the sudden, unexplainable deaths. What I'm blogging about is the callous reaction to Michael's death by certain people. They didn't care. Wait, that's being kind...they didn't just not care that he died, they celebrated it. One women in a forum I frequent said the reaction by a group of teenagers at her home actually laughed at the news. My sister-in-law's stepson smiled and pumped the air like it was a victory for the world. It not only pissed me off, it saddened me. Of course I let the kid know it was an inappropriate reaction....the man was an indelible part of history and regardless of what you think he did or became, no one will ever touch him as an artist and performer and he deserved the respect he once had.

The world has lost a lot with his death. He is a true Icon and will be missed.

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