Friday, August 26, 2011

Time For Me to Fly

Figurative speaking that is.

On October 7, 2011 my novel Forget Me Not will officially hit the virtual bookshelf! I'm very excited....and have this book out there for everyone to read. This book and I have gone through a lot together in the past eight years! Two agents, almost an editor and at least forty rejections from more agents and editors. But I couldn't give up on it, I wouldn't give up on it. I knew I had a great story and I was determined to prove it to whomever I needed to prove it to.

Last May, after seeking advice from the wonderfully talented and awesome friend Lauren Baratz Logsted, I dove back into the story and started fixing the things she said needed to be fixed. I then joined a critique group in my local RWA chapter (Desert Rose, Yay!) and we each set a goal to complete our novels by October. My critique partners pointed out more issues with the story that I hadn't seen....and being that I'd been reading this book for eight years, it was easy to glaze over certain inconsistencies. In November, I decided to forgo messing with editors and agents and submitted the book to an online publisher. A couple of weeks later they contacted me and said, we want to publish this. I was beyond thrilled! And so very impressed with their staff. Not only did they give me a kickass cover
they also went to work editing the story and finding more issues I didn't see. The book is so much better and stronger than it was eight years ago and I couldn't be more proud.

Now, it's time to get started on promotion...which I really don't do well with. But, in the upcoming weeks I'll be posting contests and information about the book launch part on this blog and other social networks I frequent. So, stay tuned and learn how to win some prizes!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Summer Daze

Wow, I can't believe we're almost at the end of August. You know, when you're a kid time seems to go by so slow...but once you hit 20 it flashes by in a blur! I turned 49 over the summer...June 17, to be exact...just one last hurdle before the big Five-O. I don't really feel that old though and as I think back to my aunts and uncles who've passed away, I wonder...did they? Growing up they seemed so old and wise and old. But now that I'm as old, it just doesn't feel old anymore. Even with my kids getting older, I feel like they're just catching up to me.

Of course, getting up in the years also makes me think about the day when I won't be here anymore. Who will take care of my children, especially Amanda? I know they'll be older and probably have their own kids by the time I kick the bucket, but it makes me sad sometimes to know I won't be here for them anymore.
Okay...that got a bit maudlin.

Anyway, I'm kinda working on the staying healthy so I can be here a while thing, I started doing Weight Watchers this month. I'm actually on day 10 and I'm already 5 pounds down (and a helluva long way to go to reach my goal weight). I've done all kinds of diets over the last 30 years. Some successful, some, not so much. Mainly because, once you get off a diet all the weight comes back on twofold. But, I think I'll do well with Weight Watchers not just because of the points programs but because of the vast selection of recipes! Usually when I'm dieting I cook two separate meals, one for me and one for my kids and husband....but now, I'm doing one meal and everyone eats the same thing. I'm buying more fruits and vegetables and no more junk...except popcorn...which isn't quite junk because of the fiber...and the kids are eating a little better. I'm hoping to knock of a majority of my weight before April and the writer's conference my RWA chapter has. But my real ulterior motive is to get to a healthy weight so I can get off my blood pressure and cholesterol medications. So, wish me luck!

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