Monday, February 01, 2021



 My title [song] Obsession is by Aminotion. Now you can get the song stuck in your head like it has mine. You're welcome.

So, long time no post....not that anyone has noticed.  Honestly, I keep forgetting I have a blog and that I'm supposed to write on it. Also....I can't really think of anything to post. But today, while I was munching on some Milk Duds, I realized...they are my newest obsession. I go through many obsessions...mostly food items (yes, I consider candy food). 

Like I said, right now it's Milk Duds before them it was Bartlett Pears. My obsessions usually only last a few months. So far I've also eaten through my obsession with watermelon, sour saltwater taffy (from Bucee's in Texas), popcorn, apples...I think that's it. So, not a large list. 

 I've never really been an obsessive type...I guess that's why they don't last long. Or could be that ADD I keep hearing about. 🤔

What about you? Any obsession you want to share? Anything you think would appeal to me?

Let me know. 

Thanks for reading!

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-blessed b9, Catalyst4Christ said...

Yes, dear, I gotta lotta obsession:
to get ALL writers
into Seventh-Heaven:
♡ ♡
Love you.
Cya soon.

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