Sunday, January 20, 2008

What's so funny?

Do you ever get so tired that you laugh at everything? It happens to me a lot! Exhaustion makes me giddy..and my kids seem to get a kick out of it...albeit in a Mom is weird kinda way. But, I say, if you can't laugh with your kids then you're not enjoying them enough.

I totally enjoy hanging out with my kids....not everyday, mind you, but a lot of times. They're all teenagers now so I can joke around without traumatizing them. Most times it's a quick witted jab that makes them roll their eyes....but then they have to was quick! My oldest son, Adam, has totally developed my sense of humor....I'm so proud. He's very quick witted and will have me in stitches at some of the things he says. And, some days, he doesn't even try.

Here's an example. He was at work the other day working the phones at customer service. A man called and was totally pissed off about something. He started tearing into my son using every curse word he could think of. What does my son do? He hangs up the phone. Two minutes later the man calls back, livid! He says, "Did you just F**ing hang up on me?" My son, without missing a beat says, "I don't know. Did it sound like this?" and he hangs up the phone. Priceless!!

The other day we'd gone to JC Penny's because the girls wanted jeans and my younger son needed shoes. While we were looking at shoes, I had daughter A try on a pair of flats. Daughter B was standing in front of her (they're face to face). I told A to take off her right shoe. She does.
Daughter B: "no, that's your left foot."
Daughter A is a bit confused but starts to put her shoe back on.
Me: "no, that's the right foot."
Daughter B: "No, that's the left foot. See?" Holds out her left foot. Mind you, she's facing child A. We both look at child B waiting to see how much longer it's going to take to snap. It took a while. I had to turn her around to prove A had the right foot.

Later on we were in the Men's department because my husband wanted some dress shirts and they were on sale. He picked up a blue shirt with white pin stripes.
Him: "What about this one?"
Me: "Don't you have a shirt like that
Him: "No, the one I have is blue with white

You probably had to be there for that one, regardless....we all got a laugh
out of it.

My husband is a pretty good sport when it comes to our picking on him though. I tell my kids they get their duh moments from him....he's a natural blonde so it's in their roots. (haha)

And, here's yet another funny, blonde moment courtesy of my husband.
Christmas Eve dinner. Daughter B's boyfriend has joined us. We're having fun, silly conversation and I say something about B having ADD.
Husband to Daughter B: "You're ADD?"
Daughter B: "Yeah, but I get it from you."
Husband: "I'm not ADD I'm..." (pause...wrinkles brow and cocks his head,
thinking)...."what is that again?"

Yeah.....definitely one of the funniest spur of the moment moments you'll encounter with my family. So, should you come visit my house, bring a sewing kit because you'll be in stitches!

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