Sunday, December 03, 2006

Closing a chapter

Figurative speaking of course. I had my last official meeting as president of the Northwest Houston chapter of RWA yesterday. I guess you could say it was bittersweet, though no tears were shed...hmm....should I be insulted? Actually it was very nice, considering I don't do "goodbyes" well. But, even though I said goodbye to all those I consider dear friends, I'll still continue to be a long distance member of the NW Houston chapter, because they are the first physical writing group I'd ever been a part of and have been one of the most supportive and inspiring groups to be around. I've been in online forums since I started writing but interacting with people online isn't as personal as meeting one on one because it's so hard to gauge a person's real personality online. Although, I have to say, of the hundreds of people I've met online and had the opportunity to meet in person, have pretty much been like their online persona.

Okay, I'm babbling, but it's how I procrastinate. Now that I don't have my presidential duties to worry about anymore I have a couple extra hours or so a day to write. Okay, that count per day is on average how much time I spent doing chapter business...some days I didn't do anything. haha Anyway....I'm supposed to be finishing up a novella (I'm halfway through) but the neurotic side of me refuses to let go of my muse until she hears if I made the sale. But, I'm really not too worried about finishing the story because technically it's done, I just have to put it down on to speak...I'm just worried I won't have the sale...even though I have a great story...really....I do....Buy Me.

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