Monday, November 20, 2006

Is Ugly the new Black?

Whatever that means. Never got the New Black metaphor.

Anyway....I was watching Entertainment Tonight last week and one of the correspondents did a feature on how people are treated based on their looks. Now of course the woman Maria somebody is drop-dead gorgeous, so she had them fix her up to look "ugly"....or unattractive as I prefer....ugly is just so...ugly.
So, anyway, she put on a "face" and fat suit, wore a wild-haired wig and frumpy clothing. Uh.....HELLO?....of course you're going to be treated like last week's're not showing any respect for yourself!! Did this woman or her producers really believe that over-weight women will not go out of their way to look more attractive??? I really took offense to this piece (can't ya tell?) I mean, I've gone my whole life feeling unattractive (no matter how hard I tried to "look'' attractive)....hell my theme song growing up was Janice Ian's Seventeen. So to see this woman, or other celebrities like Tyra Banks or Carmen Electra (yeah I know, probably spelled that wrong...don't care) dress themselves down to prove that beautiful people get all the breaks! Yeah....we get it!
Just a few weeks ago I got a ticket for speeding (don't EVEN get me started!) and the SOB gave me FOUR violations and I know it's because I wasn't attractive enough....he and his cop buddy proved it by continuing to flirt and talk with the young woman they'd stopped ten minutes before me...and were still talking to after I left.
Okay...I'm calm.
Anyway...another thing that pisses me off is the TV show Ugly Betty. And it's not the show that pisses me off because I refuse to watch it. It's the title!
The super models can dress down and scream all they want about how unattractive people get screwed....but deep down they're just as bad as the rest of society.

Yo, ladies, don't do us any favors!

Okay....rant over.

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