Thursday, July 31, 2008

Day One (actually Two) at the RWA Conference

It's nearing the end of day two of the RWA national conference in San Francisco and this is actually the first chance I've had to post a blog. I actually wrote one up long-hand this morning while waiting for the Opening Session (or whatever they called it) to get started, but I left it in my room. Right now I'm in the "internet lounge" where I can access the web free. Hey it's worth it to lug the laptop for free accesss as opposed to paying thirteen dollars a day.

Anyway. The conference, as always is quite an event. The Marriott, where it's being held this year, is very nice but like most of the hotels they choose, there isn't much of a bar. (and I've yet to hit it up for a drink....first on my list when I'm done here.) The chattering of woman is pretty loud and it's hard to hear the person next to you much less your own thoughts. But it's still a good time, albeit exhausting, and worth the trip.

I arrived on Wednesday morning and immediately reported to work at the literacy signing. I had volunteered to help set-up and stayed through until about 7:30 that evening, when it ended. Although I was "working" I got a chance to meet up with several of my writer friends (as well as make new ones.). Here are a few of the photos I was able to take:

Toni McGee Causey at the Literacy Signing. She's such a sweetheart! If you haven't read her book Bobby Fayes Very (very, very) Bad're really missing out on a great book! Buy!!

Robert Gregory Browne. This was his first RWA conference...can you tell he's overwhelmed? ;-) He's a great guy! I had lunch with him, Toni and Jordan Dane today (Day 2)...such great people. Toni and Robert even gave me some great advice about my book....and it seems Robert and I are both working on the same kind of story....guess I don't need to say who's will be better. ;-P

Then of course there's Ally Carter.

She's just as adorable in person as her picture shows.

She kept teasing me about stalking this guy.

Hello!! Barry Eisler!! (swoon) haha

It was purely coincidental that I just happened to be going in the same direction as he....a few times. hehe. I think she was just jealous because I took three pictures with him.

Oh, okay. She got to take one with him and her agent, Kristen.

But, I still got her two to one! =)

There is also the very lovely and very photogenic Danielle Younge-Ullman, who's book is out NOW!

all decked out in her June Cleaver outfit! Too cute!

Allison Brennan
A Double Rita finalist!! Such a wonderful person!

Eileen Rendahl. I met Eileen a couple of years ago when my friend Rhonda spotted her and said, Hey, you two could be twins! we're long lost twins. She's a sweetheart!

Anyway...the signing was huge, as it always is. I was posted at the side entrance so I could let in the authors and other volunteers. Alot of the authors had their own personal entourage...husbands, mothers, author (can't remember who...but she writes Vampires---which I figured out when I saw her 'fangs') even had a couple of official 'hotties' with her...I guess they were for role play or something. (not that kind of role play!) There was a big to-do when "the queen" showed up. Lights flaring, cameras rolling....okay...I love Nora...but give me a break, that entrance was soooo over the top! And, poor Stephanie Bond chose the exact same time to enter the ballroom and was smashed up against the door while the official entrance commenced.

After the signing ended I met up with my Houston chapter mates and went to dinner. Just that hour of sitting made me realize how tired and sore I was! I went straight back to my room, took a hot shower and went to bed!

This morning I got up early enough to make it to the opening ceremonies. Something new they're doing I guess. No workshops or appointments were scheduled. Well, actually, workshops were this afternoon. I went to two, which were good (Susan Elizabeth Philips--who's always great to listen to. And one by Hilary Sares...who came with her own cartoon drawings and was really fun to listen to as well).

The opening ceremony was okay considering it was a motivational speaker. No offense to motivational speakers, but I find them overly rehearsed and way too perky. But, she was an awesome pianst., the day is over and it's time to hit the bar! Tomorrow will be filled with workshops, more booksignings, more schmoozing and likely more drinking! I may even try to worm my way into an agent/editor appointment...provided one I'm interested in opens up. We'll see.

Until tomorrow!

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