Monday, July 28, 2008

Heading to National!

In two days I'll be flying out to San Francisco for the RWA National conference. This will be my fourth conference in five years. I missed last year because I went to the Backspace Conference in New York instead. (Great time!) Unfortunately, for me, this year's Backspace Conference falls on my daughter's 15th birthday.

Anyway, I love going to conferences because it gives me a chance to meet up face to face with all my online friends and, as in the case of RWA, my idols.

The first day of the conference there's a huge booksigning with over 450 authors signing new and older books. The money raised from the signing goes to the local Literacy foundation of whichever city is hosting the conference. I have a lot of friends signing their books, which means I'll be bringing home a lot of books! I've been holding off buying them because I knew they'd be at the signing.

Anyway, the conference runs from July 31-August 2 and is filled with workshops by such wonderful authors as Lisa Gardner, Toni McGee Causey, Jayne Ann Krentz as well as spotlights on most of the publishing houses. The conference ends with an awards ceremony where we learn who won the Rita and Golden Heart contests.

I'm planning to blog from the conference, a day by day of the events as I recoup before crashing into bed. I'm also planning an article for the October issue of The Scruffy Dog Review. I'll even have pictures, maybe even a bit of a video, because my darling daughter is letting me use her digital camera. So I hope you'll join me for that.

Anyway...if you're not able to make the conference, maybe you can enjoy it vicariously through my blog.

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