Friday, August 29, 2008


Okay...I can't think of a song title for my title so I just went for the actual reason I'm writing my blog....feel free to find a song that matches.

Why am I outraged? Take a seat...this may be long.

My daughter has a friend named Holly. Holly is one of the sweetest, kindest, well-mannered young ladies you will ever meet and she is a very good friend to my daughter. Holly has one minor annoyance though...she has the tendancy to say "Sorry" a lot....and not because she has anything to be sorry's just one of those automatic responses like "Hi, how are you?"
Case in point, she's been to my house several times. The first time she came over she asked something mundane like, "where's the bathroom". I pointed it out and she said, "Okay, sorry. I'm sorry. I didn't see it. I'm sorry." Seriously...three sorrys in one breath. I just smiled and said it's okay. It took a while to realize, this was just Holly. She says "sorry" in every breath.

Anyway...Holly runs cross-country track at school (she's a junior in high school). A few weeks ago she was riding her bike home after practice (like around 5 or 6 in the evening). Needless to say she was very tired. She crossed the street to get home, moving safely into the designated bike lane, however she was facing on coming traffic. Shortly after she crossed the street a woman came around the corner in her car and hit Holly. I don't know exactly how hard, but Holly managed to break the woman's sideview mirror (guess she used it to stop the car from taking her head off) and she sustained several cuts and bruises along her body, including a gash on her shin, a black eye, busted blood vessels in her left eye (whcih thankfully did not affect her vision) and she no longer has a bike because it was ruin, so I'm guessing--pretty damn Hard!

Now as you may be guessing, Holly's first reaction was to say "Sorry." Amidst her crying and bleeding all she could say was "sorry" over and over....and over. The woman, of course called the police to make the report. However, the asshole cop did not ticket the woman and told Holly it was HER fault for going against traffic. Uh....hello??? She was in the fricking BIKE LANE!! What the hell was this stupid woman doing in the bike lane!!!

Okay...sorry...when Holly told me this I was completely livid!! I mean, how stupid can that cop be??? He was probably related to that same jerk who killed someone's dog because he spent twenty minutes ticketing the guy for speeding when the guy was trying to get his dog to the vet. And on top of it saying.."It's just a dog!"

Now, the fact that this jerk cop told Holly it was her fault was bad enough, but now, the woman is apparently suing Holly for damages to her car! Can you F**KING believe that??? I told Holly if it came down to that (because they were afraid it would with Holly's "addmission of guilt" sorries) that my family and I would all stand up for her as character references. But it just so pisses me off that this woman...and if I knew who she was I'd egg her house every day!...has the gall to sue them for a $50 sideview mirror. Forget about the fact that Holly had to miss school, was laid up in bed for a couple of days, couldn't run track for a while and was totally traumatized...and still more so because of the lawsuit...this stupid woman needs a new mirror! Sofrickinwhat if Holly was going against traffic...that is still no reason this woman should have gotten off scottfree and be allowed to sue! And if she wins?? So wrong!! Makes me wonder if everyone who rides a bike against traffic in the bike lane and gets hit by a car will be the one to get sued. Heck, this morning I saw two elderly people riding their bikes against traffic in the bike lane....I coulda gotten a two for one lawsuit!

Arizona has a stupid motorist law where a person can be fined if they drive across a flooded road and have to be rescued...but what about the stupid people who drive 2 ton vehicles in the bike lane!!

Okay...rant over for now.

And, for the record...and to any cops who may stumble upon this...I love cops, have the upmost respect for them, even write about them in my work....but...sometimes I'll come across one in the bunch that makes me question my respect. So...apologies to those of you who aren't stupid jerks.

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