Tuesday, April 19, 2016

How Do You Define Success?

This is actually a repost from a blog I did last year at Romancing the Genres. I saw the link on my Facebook page under "Last year on the day" and I liked the post so much, I thought I'd replay it. (okay, I'll admit I'm a lazy blogger.)

The month I wrote this, RTG's theme was about Hope and well, since we are now in the best season of the year, Spring, I wrote a post about it. After all, Springtime is the season of hope as well as rebirth.  

Before starting my post I decided to look up the word hope and one definition stuck out to me: the likelihood of success.  Why? Because the word Success has been on my mind, a lot. Partly because this past August my high school class had its 35th class reunion. I don’t usually attend my reunions, they have them every five years for some reason and the last one I went to was the 25th. For weeks before the reunion, one of the committee chairs would post reminders about attending. One day she made a list of reasons why many people don’t go to their reunions, one being “because I’m not successful enough”. Which got me thinking….what exactly is success? Is it a six figure salary? Is it seeing your name in lights? Is it being financially independent. Having a family? 

As children we all have dreams of being successful, like someday becoming a famous actor or musician, a supreme court justice, or maybe even president. But are these dreams really for us or because we want to be able to go home one day and say “Look at me. I’m not the nobody you thought I was!

I’ll admit, I always wanted to be one of those people who could go back home and prove I was a success. I thought, by the time I was thirty I would be someone important. Someone people would admire. Someone my family would be proud of. And it’s taken me thirty-five years to realize who cares what other people think? I don’t need the money or prestige or fancy material things to prove my worth. So what if I’m fifty pounds overweight and my writing career isn’t in the same vein as Nora Roberts, or my hair is turning grey (when I allow it). I have been married to my soulmate for nearly twenty-five years, I have four beautiful children, and a gorgeous granddaughter, a roof over my head, and lots of friends I enjoy hanging out with who enjoy hanging out with me.  (always a plus)  Life is good.   

Success is something to aspire to, but it doesn’t need to be the end-all of your worth.

Friday, May 22, 2015

Random Blog Post (or writing last minute when you're jet-lagged

Welcome everyone! I’m Terri Molina and I write Tex-Mex romantic suspense.....meaning my works take place in Texas and the characters are Mexican. (pretty self-explanatory, I know)

First, let me apologize to anyone who swings by to read this blog for not posting in months! In my defense the days crept up on me when my back was turned. I went out of town on May first to attend the wedding of my beautiful niece in San Antonio then again three days later I headed to my hometown of Port Arthur for my cousin's wedding then it was off to Dallas for the Romantic Times Convention. I just got home Tuesday and still feeling a bit jet-lagged---although I drove so that would be car-lagged---- so forgive me if this post is a bit random. :)

had a terrific time in Texas, because it’s where I’m from so I got to see a lot of family. For the first wedding my daughter made the groom’s cake, which came out wonderfully. (of course she had a bit of help with the decorating, but the cake she made from scratch). 

Anyway, with summer just around the corner, I'm getting my "Summer Reads" together and after attending RT I have a whole new pile of books to add to the list. That’s one of the perks to attending a writing conference...the free books! And, finding new authors to read. So, my summer is set, provided I can find time to read.

I don’t know how many books I came home with, a majority of them were given out at the various workshops so I didn’t exactly choose them all-- which means I probably won’t want to read them all.  Actually, I plan to send most of them to my aunt. She loves to read and to be honest, there are a few books I’m not really interested in reading. Not that they aren’t worth reading, but I’m a bit picky. I don’t look at just the cover...although I’m not all that into the whole naked men/women on the covers. The first thing I look at with a new book, or any book, is the back cover blurb. It has to be really intriguing for me to want to spend my time in the story. I’m a pretty fast reader so if a book takes me more than three days to read, I won’t recommend it to anyone else.

So, what about you? Are you a cover first book chooser or back cover blurb chooser?

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Ringing in the New

Happy New Year!

2015 is bringing in a lot of changes for our family…..giving new meaning to “out with the old, in with the new”. 

In October, my husband was informed he would be let go from his job here in Phoenix. As of December 12, he became unemployed…although his official date is January 5.

Needless to say,  the news came as a big shock to us and the reasons for his termination made us more than angry, but after the emotions faded my husband realized it was a blessing because he had tired of the job and was no longer happy with the company or the direction they seemed to be going.  Because there was no legitimate reason (other than their standard “it’s just business” BS)---okay, I’m still angry, haha--- he was given a generous severance.  He’s already started looking for work (and many of his co-workers have started helping him…that’s how loved he was by many of them). He’s been off since mid December, doing small chores around the house, relaxing and just plain driving me crazy! We are very confident he will find another job, we just aren’t sure where….here in Arizona or back home in Texas and I have to admit, Texas is high on the list.  

All in all, I am very glad to see 2014 end!! It’s been a very stressful year….so much so, I haven’t been able to get any real writing done…and believe me when I tell you, I don’t stress easily. I’m from Texas and pretty laidback. Shit happens, I deal….but when it’s people putting the stress on….well, I deal, but my health suffers and my writing. 

Anyway….I’m really hoping 2015 is a banner year for us, although life is what you make of it. I’m going to stay positive and hope everything works out….after all, I’ve always believed things happen for a reason, so there’s no sense worrying about it.



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