Friday, June 03, 2011

Summer's Here

I'm sorry I haven't kept up with this blog as I said (a bazillion times) I would. Things just get so crazy busy here. These past few months have been busy with getting ready for Becca to graduate (and prom.) She and my niece Sierra (who came to visit for the whole month) looked stunning in their gowns! Then we had lots of family come in for graduation...well not lots, but there were fifteen people in my house for five days! It was a blast!

Now that all the fun is over it's time to start the summer routine...which means nothing really. The kids are free to do as they please (within reason, of course). Three of the four have jobs so they'll be working all the time while the youngest, who turns 16 in August, will just be trying to stay in shape. At the end of June I'll be going to RWA's national conference in New York. As a graduation/18th birthday gift I'm taking Becca and Sierra and their friend Ciera. We'll be there a week but will only have four days to sightsee...which is plenty. When we get home we'll get to work on Becca's career choice....she wants to be an actress, so we'll work on finding her auditions and stuff. She auditioned for a local commercial the other day, we'll see how that went next week. I'll also try to get back to writing. My muse just hasn't been with me in a while.....or it has but it's been too lazy to kick my butt and make me write. Not that I'm a complete sloth...I do have a book coming out sometime this year (still waiting on the line-edits) and I'm now president of my RWA chapter, which will keep me hopping...but it's the writing I wish to get back to....if I could just get over the doubts and do it. blogs go, this was pretty boring. But, that's my life. hah

Hope you're summer plans are fun and exciting! Stay tuned for more info on my book. Oh, and here's the new cover


Kelly said...

As a sister Texan and your VP at Desert Rose, I feel it's my right to say, "Move your Ass!" Those stories locked inside that pretty head are not going to write themselves! It's summer, the family has vacated and you have a couple of weeks before Nationals - plenty of time to entice the muse enough to outline something for when you get back!

I've read your stuff, and you need to write more! It's really good, so knock those doubts into the closet and slam the door! Why? Because I said so! And I can be pushy when I want to

Brenda said...

I agree with Kelly. GET WRITING!!!

Becca looks beautiful BTW.

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