Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Untitled cuz I can't think of one

Okay, so I failed my New Year's Resolution. Did you really expect me not to??

To be honest, it wasn't a realistic goal to begin with. I mean, I'm not really a blogger because (1) I'm more private than a blog allows (2) I don't quite see the point. I mean, really, does anyone actuallly care what I had for breakfast (coffee) or that I had a dentist appointment yesterday (no cavities!)?

Sure there are some really good blogs out there and some that are very informative, but, sadly, this isn't one of them. Of course I could probably make it entertaining, but that can take too much thought of which I haven't had enough coffee for and then it will come across as forced. Not that I'm not amusing at times.

A n y w a y.

Another reason for my lack of posting (aside from the dreaded What's my title going to be??) I've been busy putting together interviews for the Desert Rose Blog. Desert Rose is the RWA chapter I belong to in Phoenix. This year we're holding our bennial conference and as a way to "break the ice" we're spotlighting our speakers. It's been a lot of fun so if you get a chance, swing by and comment or just read, whatever. I'm only posting three a week so it gives me time to work on my own writing....which I'm not really doing a lot of anyway.

So, how have you been doing with your resolutions? Have you kept them?


Terri Molina said...

Difficulty is not a new concept, but rather to avoid the old concept.

Ah, gotta love those fortune cookie quotes. Very profound. =)

隨緣 said...


Anonymous said...

Terri . . . it's now March. How about an update!

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