Saturday, January 02, 2010

Belated Happy New year

Okay, so I missed a day posting. I couldn't think of a song title for the heading. hah

Right now I'm having my second cup of coffee and catching up on posts for an online writing class I'm taking. Alexandra Sokolov is running it so how could I miss out on that??

I'm really taken aback at how many multipublished authors are in this class, but for any writer, new or established, who is serious about their chosen field, writing courses are a must. You can never stop learning or perfecting your craft. But the classes aren't just for learning the differencce between active and passive voice or showing not telling, they're about getting motivated and inspired to move on to the next book and the book after that. I've been having a bit of a slump in that area, but I'll admit some of it is due to laziness on my part. The other is trying to write when one kid has the TV full blast, the stereo (whining out the Jonas Brothers) and You-Tube on the computer listening to Jim Gaffigan (over and over!). Talk about not being able to concentrate! Thankfully school starts back up Monday!

So, until then, this last weekend will be spent taking apart Christmas and moving into 2010.

What are your weekend plans?

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