Monday, June 09, 2008

It Takes Two, Baby

Ever wonder what it would be like to co-write a book? Well, today's Guest Blogger makes it look easy!
Meet the writing team known as Moira Rogers. Their book Moonshine will released soon at Cobblestone Press. But, until then, why not take advantage of a great contest!

Write a Poem, Win a Book!

Every month we take all of our website search keywords from the previous month and post them, challenging our readers to create magnetic poetry style poems for us. It was so much fun the first time around it's become a tradition.

Starting in May, we invited an author to be our guest judge. The author donates a copy of one of their books to the winner, and we pitch in a gift certificate, both for the winner and the runner up.

Current Contest:

Previous Winners:

More about the dynamic duo writing as Moira Rogers:


Bree spends her days trying to create order from chaos working as a Database Application Designer and her nights trying to create chaos from order as a writer. She is interested in Urban Fantasy, Science Fiction, Historical Fiction and any book that tells her how to: knit, crochet, felt, bead, silkscreen, sew, quilt, cook, bake, do woodwork, make stained glass, or program computers.

In spite of the fact that she has a degree in Computer Science, she cannot operate her own VCR and has to ask Donna what her cell phone number is at least once a week.


As the mother of two toddlers, Donna also spends her days trying to create order from chaos. When chaos is sleeping, she enjoys reading, watching television, listening to music, and cooking, usually in some odd simultaneous combination.

As a writer, Donna spends half her time trying to wrangle muses who are actually more unmanageable than her children, and the other half trying to explain her bizarre plot ideas to Bree in a sensible, coherent fashion. She's trying to do better with both.

To learn even more, stop by their website,


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Moira Rogers said...

Hey, Terri! Glad to be featuring over here! :D We'll see you soon over around our stomping grounds!

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