Thursday, June 12, 2008

Cobblestone Blog Tour--Day Five (sorry, can't think of a song at the moment)

Cobblestone has such a group of wonderfully talented writers with books you won't want to put down. One is the very lovely Yolanda Sfetsos. Her book Guarded By Stone is now available at Cobblestone Press. *Buy it Now*


The only reason Jemma walks through Hyde Park, is to cross paths with the
handsome stranger who always seems to be there. When she's attacked inside the
park one night, she finally gets to meet the man of her fantasies…Mason is one
of the Guardians of Sydney. When the woman he's attracted to is attacked by a
creature he's trying to stop, their lives are thrown together. To end the
creature's attacks within his part of the city, he'll need her help. Their
attraction is building, but how will Jemma react when she finds out what he
really is?


As much as Mason wanted to explain everything to the beauty he’d left safely inside her home, he knew she would be unconscious until morning. The creature that attacked her inside the park wasn’t dead. He’d managed to scare the chimera off, but she would go elsewhere to find another victim. Mason had been tracking this one for weeks.

The monster wanted to feed on humans. It was the only thing on which these creatures thrived. He had no idea how she’d gotten to Sydney, but it didn’t matter. All that mattered was that the chimera was here now and had already consumed enough humans to raise suspicion.

He’d seen the articles on discarded newspapers in parks all around Sydney. The victims were reported missing, but he knew they’d never be found. At least not complete, and not until the chimera was done with them. He had to stop her before the bitch destroyed more. The fact she decided to attack the one woman that made his desire to walk this earth burn wasn’t wasted on him. Maybe the chimera knew he was on her trail, or maybe she’d just gotten lucky.

She’d kept everyone from the scene of the crime via very powerful use of persuasion. He hadn’t been able to get through until it was almost too late. To realize he’d come so close to losing the brunette made his heart sink. He wouldn’t waste anymore time.

He wasn’t really a hunter of these monsters. He was just trying to get by. To live the mere existence that sunset gave him. It was an impossible way to live. A way that forced him to keep his distance from people—there was no point getting close to anyone. Not when he’d magically disappear at sunrise.

His duty wasn’t to hunt, but he had a duty nevertheless.

As the first rays of the sun caressed his face and warmed his bare shoulders, he closed his eyes. His skin tightened a little more with each degree the bright orb rose into the sky. He wrapped his fingers around the edge of the building, tight enough to keep him upright all day. So he could stare down at the living city below. Forced to sleep, turn to stone and awaken at nightfall, ready to guard it.

Everything hardened but his heart and mind. His thoughts turned to dreams of a beautiful, brunette woman he now knew was called Jemma.

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