Thursday, March 27, 2008

Yay! It's Baseball Season!

I love baseball season...and I'm not talking about Major League Baseball...I'm talking LITTLE LEAGUE!! Why? Because my youngest is playing.

Beware....proud mother moment to follow. ;-)

My youngest son is an avid sports fan and especially loves baseball. From the time he was old enough to see, he's been watching baseball. By the time he was two, he'd already started working on his batting stance. I even have a picture of him in diapers, wearing a Mickey Mouse cap (that belonged to his sister) and holding a plunger as if waiting for the pitch. He was such a cute baby!! (even his sister, who's only two years older, constantly says so).

When he was four he started calling himself Jeremy Bell after his favorite Astro ballplayer Derek Bell.

J was so excited when he finally reached the age to play T-ball. He's played every season, Spring and Fall, for seven years now. This year he's old enough to try out for the All Star team (which competes for a spot in the Little League World Series). We're really looking forward to that!

J is an awesome ballplayer and can play nearly every position on the field...and has. His best position is first base, which he's been playing for a couple of years. And, because he's a big kid (5'7) with a powerful swing he's batting clean-up.

Last night was his second game of the season. We didn't win, but J's first at bat he hit an over the fence HOME RUN!! He'd been waiting to do that for two years now!

It was kind of funny because J really doesn't like attention focused on him, so when the ball went over the fence he ran the bases with his head down, like he was embarrased. haha I owe him twenty dollars. Which I am more than happy to pay.

Okay....proud mother moment over.

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Lynn Sinclair said...

Congrats to J! And I'm sure he was looking down so he'd not trip over anything ;)

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